How to Clean and Maintain Your Foosball Table

If you truly love playing Foosball, you know you need to look after your equipment.

Foosball tables require a bit of attention because if you neglect it, it will break down quickly from all your wild games.

Proper care and maintenance can keep your table looking good for longer.

You do need to clean your table often, and have a regular maintenance schedule.

This way you can keep your Foosball table in proper condition for as long as you need to. 

Because buying a new table every year will get very pricey.

How Often? 

To know how often to clean your table, you first need to think about how much you use your table.

If you use it every day or play often for extended periods of time, you need to clean it once a week.

But if you’re a recreational player and only play at parties or social occasions, then once a month should be enough. 

Each table is unique, so keep an eye on your table and determine when you need to clean it

This might be the best suggestion since only you can really tell when your table needs a good cleaning.


Start with a can of compressed air. 

You need to go every inch of your table and make sure that you get into every hard-to-reach place to get rid of all the dust particles.

You will be surprised by the difference that a once over with compressed air will do for your table.

The common problem that wrecks Foosball tables is the food and drink that people spill onto the table, so the compressed air should take care of that nicely.

Take a soft and dry cloth without chemicals. 

You’re going to use that to wipe down every inch of your table.

Start with any visible spillages and make your way to the legs and underside of the table, removing any and all remaining dust.

This step will make the next step easier, so don’t get flustered if it isn’t completely cleaning when you’re done.

Next, you’ll need another soft and dry cloth, make sure that it is chemical free as well. 

Apply some rubbing alcohol to your cloth (70-80% volume is the best option).

Now, using the cloth with the rubbing alcohol, you’ll rub down every surface like you did with the dry cloth.

Remember to only use small quantities since the alcohol will dry and evaporate quickly, if you use just enough then it won’t leave an odor behind. 

The rubbing alcohol will both clean and sanitize your table. 

It will also clean those hard-to-reach places, and remove any black marks left by the balls. 

If you use too much, it might leave behind an unpleasant alcohol smell, but if you use too little, it won’t work.

Instead of applying WD-40 to the rods, which will make the rods slippery and degrade them with time, you should get Foosball silicone instead. 

It will leave a slick finish on the rods, which will make them smoother, and allow you to have a smoother game.

Cleaning the table will have little use if you don’t take care of the rods as well. You can buy Foosball Rod silicon with most other Foosball accessories.

You might also be able to find them in retail store that specialize in Foosball tables. But if all else fails, you could always get it on Amazon.

If you have a spray silicon, you can spray it onto the rods and wipe them down with a cloth, or you can apply the silicon onto the cloth, and wipe the rods down.

If the balls aren’t looking to great, then you could gently rub them down with rubbing alcohol. 

If that doesn’t work, you could put them into a sock and wash them in your washing machine.

then, you need to let them air-dry, since if you put them in the dryer, they will get damaged. 

You will be surprised at what a difference clean Foosball balls will do for your game.

Without all the grime, they will be more attractive and faster.


Please keep in mind that Foosball tables are for indoor use only. 

If you leave them outside or uncovered, they will not last as long as they could have.

Do not leave them in direct sunlight, since this will affect the appearance of the wood and degrade the playing surface.

It is also best to keep the table at room temperature, since extreme temperature will also impact your table.

Check the rods and men regularly, since they are used so often. 

They have rough lives, after all. The rods or men may have to be replaced, or realigned.

If they aren’t properly aligned, it will result in a bad game with poor passing. Or they will splinter or break mid-game, neither of which is desirable.

For the best game quality, take care of your men and rods.

If you have to move your table, make sure that you lift instead of dragging it. 

Put anti-slip grips on the feet of the table when you first get it. These will keep the feet in good condition and prevent them from moving unnecessarily.

Keep food and drink away from your table to limit the amount of spillage and debris landing on the table.


Foosball is an amazing sport that is a lot of fun to play with your friends and family.

But if you don’t maintain and clean your table regularly, the quality of your game will be reduced and it won’t be fun to play anymore.

Worse yet, your table will degrade at a rapid rate. It also won’t last very long.

Sure, it might take a little more effort, but keeping it clean and maintaining your table, will keep it looking good for a long time.

And trust us, this will do wonders for the quality of your overall playing performance.


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