Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Review

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high-performing pool cues. Read the Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple review below, and discover just why this product is a favorite choice among players.

What We Like

Superior Quality at an Affordable Price

For a super affordable price of only $89.24, you get a pool cue that is 100% Grade A Maple.

The wood is carefully selected and handpicked by their skilled craftsmen to ensure that they deliver the exact same quality for each of their pool cues.


Each of the pool cues is turned and dried 7 times with the wood treated with Nelsonite that gives protections from atmospheric changes and sealed in a high-grade epoxy to further protect it from moisture, warping, and other damaging factors.

The Cues Contain Exotic Hardwood 

Players also used exotic hardwood to create their sophisticated pool cues, each cue may contain the following: Straight Grain Maple, Purple Heart, Cocobolo, Walnut, and American Birds-eye.

An Array of Designs to Choose From

Players do not only offer traditional designs in their cues, but they also feature modern designs that have genuinely handcrafted inlays.

They have a team of highly talented and creative individuals who create high-quality designs, patterns, and styles that are guaranteed to match your own.

Wrap Designs that Goes with the Pool Cues

The cues have different wraps for you to choose from.

You can go for the genuine double-pressed linen, choose from simulated wraps or the high-tech Isoprene, go for the classy designs starting from leatherettes, suede, and genuine leather, or go for their latest leather-wrapped cues.

Players Super Finish Coating

Each Players pool cue has been coated with an armor-like covering for protection from fading and chirping.

They make it a point to provide each of the pool cue an experienced taper and they treat them with a French cue wax.

This process makes a Players pool cue feels like it glides through your fingers, making each of your strokes better and smoother.

Standard Le Pro Tip

All of the Players pool cues, except for those manufactured under the HXT Technology, come with their standard Le Pro tip, which guarantees you to have maximum control over the billiard balls.

Players Heavy-Duty, High-Impact Ferrule

Each of the Players pool cues come with a heavy-duty, high-impact ferrule.

This feature guarantees the product to last a lifetime without getting chipped or cracked.

1 Year Replacement and a Lifetime Warranty 

Players consistently provide their customers the best quality products.

However, if there is one subpar product that somehow passed quality control, they will replace it promptly, granted that it falls within a year from your purchase.

What’s more is that all of their pool cues come with a warranty of a lifetime against defects on the other parts such as warping.

What We Don’t Like

  • The only negative feedback is that the seller in Amazon had erroneously sent a wrong sized pool cue which didn’t really change the customer’s satisfaction from using the product.
  • Wraps have the tendency to slip out.

Buying Tips

There are a ton of pool cues offered in the market. For you to be able to get your money’s worth, you need to consider the following before you make your purchase:

The Quality

The quality of the pool cue can be measured by how smooth it is to the touch.

In a good quality pool cue, when you run your fingers through the whole shaft you will not feel any marks and there will be absolutely no stains or nicks on the cue.

The Tip Width and Ferrule

A good pool cue must have a dome-shaped tip and must be attached to the ferrule without any visible glue markings.

When buying your pool cue, make sure that the tip and ferrule are seamlessly attached.

The Rings 

The rings can also tell you about the quality of the pool cue. It needs to be well attached to the cue and you should be seeing no bubbles in its finishing.

The Wrap 

Similarly, the wraps that a pool cue have will tell a lot about its quality. The pool cue wraps need to be smooth and should be well attached to the pool cue without any visible seams.

The Weight

The weight will factor a lot into your gameplay. A heavy cue might dampen your strike and speed control. So, always choose a pool cue that is light.

The Straightness

To check if the pool cue is perfectly straight, you can look at the bottom of the cue, lifting it like you would a rifle. A perfectly straight cue will not have any visible curves or warps.

Why should I buy the Players classically styled crimson maple pool cue?

The fact that it has earned a 4.5 rating out of 166 reviews on Amazon tells you a lot about the superior quality of this Players product.

Plus, it comes at a very affordable price with a design that can rival those of elite pool cues.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not buy this pool cue.


If you are looking to purchase a pool cue, this maple pool cue from Players is one pool cue that you will never regret purchasing.

While there are many other pool cues in the market, none can offer the same quality for an affordable price but Players.

After reading this Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple review, you’ve probably already made your buying decision.

Regardless of which product you choose, make sure that you have put all considerations in mind before buying.

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