Making Your Air-Hockey Table Slippery

The game air-hockey is set on a table that has low friction and is played by players of two.

Before playing any game, you need to learn the simple steps in cleaning and maintaining the it. Making the air-hockey table slippery is also essential.

The Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is a fun game which requires a puck, striker players of two, and a hockey table.

When one of these three elements is absent or not in good condition, you can’t fully enjoy the game.

The usual table of air-hockey consists of one wide surface intended for playing, a rail that surrounds the whole table to avoid puck and puddles from departing from the board, and rail slots at the edge of the board which serves as the goals.

There is typically a return of the puck on the table ends, below and behind the goals.

Moreover, the air hockey tables somewhat have a simple machinery that can produce cushion air from its surface intended for playing through the tiny holes.

This, in turn, can reduce the friction and increase the speed of the moving puck when playing.

In some tables, machinery will be eschewed in the slick surface of the table, typically made of plastic.

This is done in order to save money in manufacturing and maintenance.

Though, it is wise to keep in mind that these boards are strictly not considered as professional air hockey because it involves no air.

Due to the machinery-run air hockey tables’ similarity to the original ones, they can be used in playing air hockey recreationally.

To play one it, you can use pucks which make use of a fan and battery as these generate or produce their own cushion of air.

Essentially, these are only marketed as toys for they are prone to breakage.

The boards that are only approved by the Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA) and the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) for the tournament or competition play are tables that are 8-foot.

Approved tables include the standardized tables measuring 8-feet, Dymo’s tables measuring 8-feet, and the original commercial table measuring 8-feet of Brunswick.

Tables with lights flashing on the surface of the play, rails painted, and/or pucks that are smaller are prohibited from tournament use.

However, it is suggested for practice use or in learning the game.

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Making the Air-hockey Table Slippery

Air hockey is an action-packed yet entertaining game or sport for people of different ages.

It is commonly played in arcades or bars, but if you are a big fan, you might as well purchase an air hockey table for your own.

If you have one, you should know that it requires regular maintenance so that the pucks can slide smoothly and quickly on its surface.

As time passes, the puck and the table can accumulate debris and dirt that slow down the puck or stop it from moving.

5 Simple Steps in Cleaning and Maintaining Your Air-hockey Table

To improve the play and prolong the lifespan of the table, clean your air hockey table properly and regularly. Here are some things you need to do:

1. Wax and clean the surface of the table, mallets, and pucks.

In cleaning the surface of the table, turn on the fan and wipe the top surface using a cotton cloth or a towel made from micro fiber.

You can also slightly damp the towel with warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. 

2. Use silicone spray lubricant cautiously.

If you want to have a fast-paced game, you can use a lubricant, specifically a silicone spray. Just be cautious in using it.

If you put too much on the table, you can make the surface too smooth.

Buff the table with only a small amount of the silicone lubricant spray using a microfiber towel or a soft cotton cloth.

3. Clean the blower of the fan.

Always clean the fan blower. The fan can trap dirt which may result in slowing down of the blades and dragging of the motor.

It is recommended to inspect or check the blower of the fan and spray it with compressed air.

In doing so, you need to know how to separate parts of the air hockey table. Be careful not to misplace anything.

You need to return everything to its original place. You wouldn’t want to buy a new fan for your air hockey table for it can cost a huge amount of money, about $400.

4. Cover your air hockey table when not in use.

It is also suggested to cover the table when not in use to keep dust and dirt off the surface, fan, and holes.

You can buy tablecloths or cover in the store where you have bought the air hockey table.

Make sure that the length of the cover is the exact fit to your air hockey table. Everything should be properly covered and protected.

5. Clean the table holes.

You can clean the table holes with a small drill bit, a toothpick, or any other small item that could fit in it.

It is safe not to leave any debris in the inside of the hole. Buildup of such debris can only shorten the table’s lifespan.

It is not necessary that you clean the air-hockey table every day. A monthly maintenance schedule is enough to keep it in good shape.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey is an entertaining and action-filled game that everyone can play. That is why you can see air hockey tables in almost any bar and arcade.

If you want to play it at home, you can buy your own table and puck.

Buying an air-hockey table is not enough, though. You need to be able to protect it and keep it in the best condition.

Maintenance of the air hockey table includes cleaning the table surface and making the air-hockey table slippery.

If you neglect the table and let debris build up, you will not be able to enjoy a good game.  

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