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What Is A Double Skunk In Cribbage

Double Skunk In Cribbage. What Is It?

You’re just getting into cribbage and you have probably never heard of the term “skunk”. In cribbage, a skunk happens when a player wins and is ahead of their opponent by a margin of

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how many holes in a cribbage board

How Many Holes Are There In A Cribbage Board?

What’s special about cribbage is, of course, its board! While cribbage can be played without it, surely the best way to enjoy the experience is by playing with the board. What makes playing with

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Cribbage Stink Hole

What Is The Cribbage Stink Hole?

In order to win at Cribbage, you must be the first player to reach the 121-hole, or in other words, get 121 points in the game. There are various techniques to reach that point quicker than your opponents,

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What Is Pegging In Cribbage?

What Is Pegging In Cribbage? (Answered)

Almost every type of game requires a scoring system, each with its own approach, and that is “pegging” to cribbage. If you just got introduced to cribbage, a special feature about it that you will

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