7 Foosball Strategies to Improve your Game

Foosball is also known as table football. At times, it is called the table soccer. Though interesting, playing it is not easy.

If you want to win the game, you need to know 7 foosball strategies to improve your game.

Due to the popularity of football in Europe way back 1890s, Harold Searles Thorton was able to invent foosball.

Harold’s goal is to bring the football game indoors where people can play it anytime.

Since it was derived from the original game of football, he decided to name his game as “foosball.” The design of the game was inspired by a match box.

What is Foosball?

Foosball became popular during the 1970s in the United States of America. It was invented by Harold Searles Thorton and was brought and introduced by Lawrence Patterson to United States in the year 1950.

During this time, bars and pool halls have a foosball game table, which everyone seemed to enjoy.

The game is often played for entertainment in bars, workplaces, pubs, schools, and clubs.

Unlike football, it has fewer game rules, so everyone can enjoy it. Nonetheless, it has soon become a competitive game. 

The foosball competition is organized by national organizations with highly and strictly developed policies and regulations.

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How to play Foosball?

To start the game, the ball will be served from a hole that can be seen on the side of the table.

If not, you can simply place the ball by hand in the center of the table. Through a toss coin, the initial service between two opponents will be decided.

Players are required to use the figures arranged on revolving bars to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Expert players are known to have the ability to move the balls with a speed of 56 km/h (35 mph).

The winner is determined when a team has scored a set number of goals, regularly five or ten in a competition.

Foosball can be played by two individuals or four people. 

In a doubles game, one player is expected to control two rows that are on defense and the other member of the team will use the midfield and should focus on the attack rows.

What are the 7 strategies to improve your game? 

Now that you are familiar with the foosball game, it is time to introduce you to the top strategies you can follow to win the game.

Similar to other games or sports, strategies can give you an edge over your opponent.

Developing a sensible tactic when playing foosball will better your chances of winning.

 In fact, when you think about it, foosball is more on a metal game than a game of skill.

Once you have learned the basic strategies, you will need to be able to swiftly execute them and counter any attacks from your opponents.

In reality, knowing when to defend is just as important as when to attack.

Below are seven strategies and tips to help you improve your game:

Improve your service first.

A good game begins with a foosball serve. Serving the ball yourself is allowed legally in an official foosball match.

Maximize this opportunity by assuming an offense position and serving the ball on the 5th bar every time.

Keep in mind that this strategy works best if you have practiced intense passing and ball control.

Spin the ball a little as you drop it into the hole of the table, and it will surely roll to your 5th bar instead of your opponent’s bar.

If you are able to confidently make the serve, then you passing the ball to your bars will be easy to master.

Pass the call from the 5th bar to the 3rd bar.

This strategy is important for it can provide you another opportunity to = attack. It will increase your chances of scoring a goal.

In a game where possession of the ball and control is everything, it is critical to know how to pass the ball from the 5th bar to the 3rd bar.

Most beginner players choose to make an offense when the ball is on their 3rd bar where the distance is shorter and where one could do a variety of shots.

Practice one shot strategy.

It is difficult to master all offensive strategies especially if you’re just a beginner. Thus, you must focus on making yourself an expert of one shot instead of being neophyte shooter.

Most professional players concentrate on the snake shot and the pull shot because these are the fastest and most effective shots to catch your opponent off guard.

Shoot with an open hand or flick your wrist.

To score a goal, your shots should be quick and precise. Gripping the foosball handle too hard will only make you lose control the ball.

Loosen your grip on the handle to give you maximum movement during the game.

Build a good defense.

Sometimes, your defense can lead you to winning the game. By developing a defense that’s solid, you it will be easier to observe or create a proper timing to score a goal.

Maintain your control over the ball.

A ball that has gotten out of control is considered as a lost opportunity, giving the opponent the chance to turn the tables around and dictate the game. In order to avoid this, you must learn the pass and catch skills religiously.

Practice makes your gameplay perfect.

To become an advanced player, you should practice your skills and techniques routinely. Always challenge yourself by practicing your techniques and bringing it to another level every time.

Practice can make your body move voluntarily as you will be able to memorize the techniques by the heart.

Final Thoughts

Foosball is an interesting and fun-filled game where you can exercise not only your hand-eye coordination but also your mental strength.

Make use of the 7 foosball strategies to improve your game in order to beat great contenders.

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