Stiga Advantage Competition Review

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Stiga Adventure is one of the best quality brands for table tennis tables. If you’re looking for a good table tennis table, Stiga Advantage is a good choice for you.

Check out this Stiga Advantage Competition review to know more about it.

What We Like

Independent Table Halves

Since the table comes in two separate parts, it’s easy to keep and store them at the side.

Also, as compared to a foldable ping pong table, this one won’t be so hard to set up. All you have to do is put the two halves together.

Individually, they can both stand on their own and roll on four wheels, making them very sturdy.

High Grade Table Tennis Net

One of the bragging rights about the Stiga Advantage table tennis is its high-quality netting.

It has a 72-inch heavy duty net that is made of premium cotton blend and has a very sturdy post set for efficient tension adjusting.

Its clamping attachment also makes it very easy to put on and take out.

3-Inch Sturdy Casters

These 3-inch wheel bearing casters are very smooth and can easily allow you to roll both of the table halves easily.

It allows stability both when you play and when you keep it in your storeroom.

High Quality Ping Pong Table Material

The ping pong table itself is made out of a thick medium density fiberboard for its table top.

This is actually the highest quality grade of material that you can use for a ping pong table. This is why it is very sturdy and very heavy, weighing 190 pounds.

Sturdy Steel Self Opening Legs

It also comes with self-opening steel legs measuring 1.5 inches. It’s known for being very durable with a matte black coating finish.

It also comes with rubber leg levers used for making sure that the floor isn’t scratched. Its height is also adjustable for player preference.

Safety Latch System

Lastly, it comes with a safety latch system that is spring loaded and can be found on the underside of the table locks.

This safety system allows you to put it in its standing position and playing position properly and safely so that it won’t open suddenly.

What We Don’t Like

  • One if its weaknesses is that it cannot be used outdoors. While it is flexible and can be moved around very easily, it does not have any weatherproofing features.
  • For example, the table top isn’t waterproof which means that you can’t leave it out when it rains or when it snows. So, if you want to store and play, you have to make sure that it’s indoors. Otherwise, you might expose it to external conditions which could damage it.
  • Another weakness of the Stiga Advantage table is that its table top has a thin surface. The table top is 16mm, which is quite thin for a table tennis table. This means that you won’t be able to bounce the ball as high as you would when you play on a thicker table.
  • Most competition tables are around 25mm for extra bounce capacity. If this table is used for simple practice or for home use, then it’ll be a really good table because of its high quality. However, it may not be too good for competition use.

Who Should Get This?

This high-quality and flexible table is the best for people who like to play table tennis for a hobby or for practice.

It is very easy to use and very easy to assemble because it can be disassembled into two parts.

It also comes with an efficient safety latch so it won’t just fall on you.

With this, people who consider themselves as ping pong enthusiasts should buy this. It is also great for amateurs since it’s very easy to use.

Who Should Avoid It?

As mentioned above, this table isn’t really meant for competition use.

For trainers who want their athletes to experience what the competition tables are like, it is recommended that they buy the thicker tables that are 19mm to 25mm. 

Also, if you are in charge of hosting table tennis competitions for instance, in a school, then it is better if you buy a thicker table.

Buying Tips

When you’re looking for the ideal table tennis table, take these factors into consideration:


First of all, you have to take into consideration the size. If you’re going to play in your house, you must first measure the area where you want to keep your table.

From there, you have to choose a tennis table that fits that space.

If you’ve got a rather big space, then you can buy a big table. If not, then you might want to stick to smaller tables.


Another thing that you have to take into consideration is the use. Where and how are you going to use it?

If you just need it for recreational use, then you don’t need to get such a heavy-duty table.

However, if you’re going to use it professionally, you’ll need a big, heavy duty one with a thick table top.


The brand of the table plays a big role when you buy because better brands give better quality.

You might be tempted to buy less known brands to save money, but you lose out more in the long run when they depreciate quickly.

So do your research on the best brands that you can buy.


Although there are disadvantages that come along with this brand, its high quality and superb features make up for whatever disadvantages it has.

However, as mentioned in this Stiga Advantage Competition review, this table is better for being used for recreational purposes rather than for professional use due to its table top width.

While professionals won’t be too impressed by the table, Stiga offers a lot of other features that can really cater to table tennis enthusiasts who don’t play professionally.

The product is definitely targeted toward these people and it serves them way beyond expectation.

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