Learn The Different Types of Foosball Tables

Foosball is such a fun game to play. If you want to get better and better in this game, you need to learn the different types of foosball tables.

After all, learning the basic information is the first step in mastery. In this article, you’ll learn a lot. Read on.

What is Foosball Table?

At present, foosball is known as a traditional table soccer which is making its comeback in the society.

Although lots of people strive hard in getting out and running around the soccer field, this game offers unlimited hours of entertainment for you anytime in your own home. 

In a general sense, it is considered as an indoor game which motivates healthy competition.

In case you’re not familiar with it, this table is shaped just like an actual soccer field.

It has one goal, two offensive lines, and one line of the defender.

Although you can’t modify the defensive and offensive position in players’ length within the table, you may change their position in width ways all over the court. 

Aside from that, you will see a center point wherein the ball is located right at the beginning of each game as well as after every goal.

In other words, it is tailored to be the replica of soccer.

Every player is fastened securely to one of the four rods which players keep control over.

When it comes to playing surface, you should be informed that a smooth, hard surface implies the quickest gameplay you may enjoy.

Meanwhile, thicker surface implies more level and sturdier playing field.

Most of the time, European foosball table are specially tailored for slower play while Americans do have a harder surface.

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Types of Foosball Tables

Basically, there are two major classifications of foosball tables namely tabletop and stand-alone.

Just like other products out there, they have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on what you are exactly looking for, neither of them is worse or better.

When it comes to the price, overall playing experience, and quality, they both vary.

To know what suits your preference and budget, keep on reading.


If you want to settle with the traditional version, go for a stand-alone foosball table. As what the name implies, it can stand without any support.

Usually, it comes along with tough legs attached.

Not only that, it is way larger than tabletop foosball tables as well as more expensive than them.

But once you’ve picked excellent quality of the stand-alone piece, you’ll definitely enjoy in the long run as it offers more authentic gaming experience.

In addition to that, it’s indeed ideal recreation stuff for everyone – from teenagers to older kids and adults.


On the other hand, a tabletop is specifically tailored to be placed right on the top of a robust surface.

Compared to other types, it is lighter and smaller. When it comes to portability, you may transfer it anywhere you’d like to.

As a matter of fact, you can set them on the floor, another table or on any durable surface, depending on what suits best for you.

Furthermore, its quality differs from one piece to another.

For those who have young kids, this can be a good investment especially if you’re on a tight budget. Tabletops are cheaper options.

Do you want to give your children a toy they can play with every time they are bored? Tabletop is the way to go. Usually, it comes with non-slippery pads in order to guard off the surface.


Meanwhile, if you are seeking for a multi-purpose piece, you should settle with multi-game.

This can be transformed into a handful of games like table tennis, air hockey, chess, shuffleboards, checkers, and many more.

Having a hard time dealing with lots of kids in your house? You don’t have to struggle a lot as we can do something about it to make your life easier.

Multi-game will help you let them stay in the recreation room. Aside from that, it is space-efficient as well.

In changing it from foosball to another type of game, you have to detach the rods and put one of the other surfaces right on the top part.

These kinds of tables are available also in tabletop and stand-alone version.

While they are more expensive than others, they still provide varieties for those who’d like it.

What to consider when shopping for foosball table?

If you want to be able to play better in foosball, you have to consider the quality of the foosball table that you use.

Read on to know how to shop the right foosball table for you and your foosball playing style.


Size does matter. In choosing your foosball table, you should know its size first. You are not just buying a foosball table because you just like it.

Think of the outcome when you are going to put that table.

Big tables will not fit in a small room. Size is still very important in order for you to fully enjoy the piece.


The height of your foosball table should match the height of the one who will be going to use it. Proper height of your table will surely give you more convenience for using it.

Style and Design

Style and design is still the advantage in choosing the right entryway table you want. Your design and style should, of course, be based in your own preference. You may choose from German, Spanish, American, Italian, and other available styles in the market.

Your budget

Foosball table may cost less than one hundred to one thousand dollars. The most affordable option is tabletops.

So, you’d better determine the budget you can allocate for it before choosing foosball table.


Keep in mind that the standard for warranty is at least one year although furniture-styled features less than that since they are more decorative.


Foosball table plays a crucial role in making memories for your loved ones without the need to go out.

Make sure you learn the different types of foosball tables before purchasing one. After all, it’s all for you and your family’s happiness.  

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