How To Play Go Fish With 3 Players

How To Play Go Fish With 3 Players

All these while you might have been playing only two-player Go Fish games. Now, what if you have another friend who would like to join? How does it work?

Here’s a simple guide on how to play Go Fish with three players.

How To Play Go Fish With 3 Players

1. Prepare the playing cards.

If you do not have the actual Go Fish cards, you can use alternatives like regular playing cards or UNO cards.

2. Deciding the host and who goes first.

One player acts as the host should shuffle and fan the cards, and each player takes out a card from the host. Each player shows their card, and whoever has the highest card value starts the game.

3. Deal the cards to each player.

The host deals 5 cards to each player. If there is any chance that a player gets a “book” in hand, place it aside face-up and draw 4 (or how much a book is in this game) cards from the rest of the deck.

4. Prepare the “pool”.

The host shuffles the rest of the deck and jumbles it up in the middle of the circle of players.

6. Player A asks for cards.

The first player, player A, asks another player for any card. In this case, it does not matter who player A asks first between the two opponents.

Reminder: Players should only request the same card or card value that they have. There are rules to playing Go Fish.

go fish cards pool

Examples of Conditions:

(i) Player A asks Player B for Kings. If player B has a King or King, they hand it to player A.

Reminder: If you are requested to hand out a card and you have more than one same-value card, you must hand in all of them.

(ii) Then, player A continues to either ask for a King from C, or ask for other cards from player B or C.

(iii) If player B does not have any Kings, they tell player A to “Go Fish,” and player A has to draw a card from the pool.

(iv) If player A does not draw a King, their turn stops here. Continue to number 6.

(v) If player A does draw a King from the pool, they are still playing and asking around for cards. Start again from condition i.

6. Next player is decided in a clockwise direction.

The player on the left of player A is the next one to play.

7. Repeat player A’s steps.

Refer to steps 5 to 7 as you play further to the third player to play.

8. If a player has run out of cards.

When you have developed all your cards into books, collect all the remainder cards from the pool and continue to play with those cards.

Tips: There is another rule for this part, where when a player has developed all their cards into books, they win the game.

holding go fish cards

9. The player with the most books wins.

In this version of the game, the player with the most books wins.

Visual Learning Is The Best Way To Understand

If reading instructions cannot help you, we still have your back – here are a few online Go Fish games that you can try for free to understand how to play the game if you have more than 2 players.

We hope to have helped you!

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