Can You Play Go Fish With Uno Cards?

Can You Play Go Fish With Uno Cards? Here’s How!

Go Fish card decks can be a pain to find due to their limited availability. They might not be available in your area, might not be available even in your state!

While you can order it online, it might take longer to get to you, and you need to play Go Fish instantly. So how do you play Go Fish?

No worries because if you have an UNO card deck laying around in your house or it is available in the nearest store, it can save your day.

Can You Play Go Fish With Uno Cards?

Wondering if you can use UNO cards for playing Go Fish? The answer is yes! You can play Go Fish with only a regular UNO card deck.

There are tons of UNO variations available to date, but rest assured, it doesn’t matter what kind of UNO decks you have because you would only need to use the number cards (0-9 cards).

Arranged UNO cards

Here’s How You Can Play Go Fish With UNO Cards

Here are four simple steps you need to follow to start playing Go Fish if you only have UNO cards.

1. Remove all action cards.

Firstly, you will need to go through the deck and remove all action cards. Action cards are all cards besides number cards. UNO action cards include:

  • Eight reverse cards
  • Eight skip cards
  • Eight wild cards
  • Eight wild draw cards

remove uno action cards

2. Remove blank cards.

Secondly, find the blank cards and remove them too. Blank UNO cards are similar to UNO number cards but without the number. Depending on your UNO deck, it usually comes with two or four blank cards.

Did you know? UNO blank cards are used as replacement cards, where if you lose any number card, you can write down the number onto the blank card. They are also used as special cards, where you can write down your own rules!

Tips: Use a whiteboard marker or write down on a sticker and stick it onto the blank card to keep reusing them.

remove uno set color cards

3. Remove one set of each color.

Now you should have these cards left:

  • Four 0 cards
  • Two sets of blue cards (1-9)
  • Two sets of red cards (1-9)
  • Two sets of yellow cards (1-9)
  • Two sets of green cards (1-9)

Next, remove one set (1-9 cards) of each color so that you will be left with four sets of 0-9 cards for each color.

play go fish with uno cards

4. Start playing!

Now you can start playing Go Fish with what’s left of your cards, which are four sets of 0-9 cards of each color.

Start playing like you would a normal Go Fish game where, example, a set of four 9 cards is a book. And whoever gets the most books at the end of the game wins!

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