Go Fish Cards Template

Go Fish Cards Template (Free and Helpful)

You have decided to bring some friends home or thinking about a bonding time with your kids, but you do not have any playing cards with you?

We’ve got you covered with this Go Fish cards template. No hassle– free to download, easy to access, and they’re cute!

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Go Fish Template

You’ll get 14 sets of numbered Go Fish cards from 1 to 14, each with different designs.

We recommend that you print them on thick papers or stick them onto thicker materials like a cardboard box.

Get creative and have fun with this template where you can cut out the cards and paint them to your liking!

go fish cards template 1-8

go fish cards template 9-14

Did You Know?

There have been a few claims about the origin of Go Fish card game:

  • Go Fish card game is believed to have existed since the Middle Ages.
  • In 1851, a British game inventor called John Jaques Jr. invented Happy Family which resembles Go Fish and is believed to be an earlier version of the game.
  • Not long ago, in 1984, the Go Fish card game is believed to be invented by an 8-year-old from Buffalo, New York.

Go Fish Can Be Played With Other Types Of Cards

While nowadays we can easily find Go Fish card decks online or at the nearest store, Go Fish has always been played with a standard 52-card deck. Go Fish can also be played with UNO cards!

You can check out these articles on how to play Go Fish with a standard 52-card deck and UNO cards.

Try This Alternative Instead

If you still couldn’t get your hands on any playing cards and don’t want to get creative with our alternative in this article, you still can have a great time playing Go Fish online.

Check out this article on free online Go Fish card games that we have compiled.

Playing Go Fish online not only saves you from making extra effort, it also allows you to play with friends and families who live far away. The best part is you can even play on your own– with bots of course!

In Conclusion

We hope that the various alternatives we mentioned in this article will help you easily start playing a Go Fish game.

While each person has their own ways of enjoying a game, you can definitely enjoy one by trying out the alternatives mentioned above.

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