Crazy Eights vs. UNO

Crazy Eights vs. UNO

If you’ve played a lot of board games throughout your whole life, you most probably know these two card games. UNO is internationally loved and played, while Crazy Eights is lesser known worldwide.

Did you know that UNO is a derivation of Crazy Eights, while Crazy Eights is based on the traditional German game called Mau-Mau.

With that piece of information, we can presume that both these games have the same objective, which actually is; players must empty their hands of all cards before their opponents do, and this falls into the shedding-type card games.

If Crazy Eights and UNO have already started off similarly, are there any differences between the two?  The answer is yes, and in this article, we’ll find out what similarities and differences there are between these card games.

Crazy Eights vs. UNO Comparison

Crazy Eights



Objective To be the first player to get rid of their cards
Gameplay Shedding-type card games. Remove the cards in one’s hand by matching them to the cards in the center pile.
Number of Players At least 2
Starting Player The player to the left of the dealer
Dealt Cards
  • 7
  • 5 for more than 2 players


  • Usually played with a standard 52-card deck
  • A designated Crazy 8s deck
Specialized UNO deck
Action Cards Card 8
  • Skip
  • Reverse
  • Draw 2 Cards
  • Wild
  • Wild Draw 4 Cards

Crazy Eights UNO

The Difference Between Crazy Eights and UNO

While UNO is clearly more commercially in-demand, some strong opinions suggest that Crazy Eights is the superior card game compared to UNO, and the following points attest to the claim.

Crazy Eights is much more easily available than UNO, and does not cost as much to play. With only using regular playing cards, you can start playing Crazy Eights right away, and a 52-card deck might already be somewhere in your household, while an UNO card deck might not even be available in the nearest store.

Furthermore, an UNO card deck costs much more than a Bicycle card deck. While there are specialized Crazy Eights card decks sold, and they are much more uncommon than a UNO decks, playing Crazy Eights with regular playing cards is the go-to.

Crazy Eights Is More Thrilling?

Comparing the basis, UNO is known for its exciting action cards like Skip, Reverse, Draw 2, Wild, and Wild Draw 4, and what action cards does Crazy Eights have? The 8 card.

Having only one action card makes the thrill more dramatic, when by luck you got the 8 card and can influence the whole atmosphere with just that card.

All in all, Crazy Eights is much simpler and easier to understand compared to UNO. We would love to hear your opinion on this in the comment section below!

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