Ping pong tricks that will make your look good

Gaming is something that everyone enjoys. Now when we say the term gaming, most people automatically think we are talking about video games but that is not always the case.

There are so many games outside of the video game world that we think are going to do a lot for your ability to have fun with friends, and also expand some of your many hidden talents! 

We believe that so many of us are wrapped up in social media and our phones, that we are slowly starting to forget how much fun it can be to just interact with one another.

It is crucial to spend the time hanging with friends and playing games, because this is needed to have a social life and to take a break from the online world.

If you work a desk job, where you are at a computer all day long, you need to take the time to understand what it is like to go out and do something with friends.

Whether it is staying in and playing games, or going out to a bar, no matter what you want to do, at least do it surrounded by people.

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The game of ping pong

If you are looking for a new side activity that is going to be a ton of fun and also improve your hand eye coordination, we recommend you look up the game of ping pong.

Now we know that you may be thinking this just isn’t for you, but have you even given it a chance?

Look at the times that maybe you were forced to play it in gym class, and then consider the fun element of the game of ping pong.

One of the best things about it is that it is good for all ages; if you have a family and want to connect with your kids, the game of ping pong is going to be amazing for you.

Something also fantastic about playing ping pong is that it is easy to pick up, and although there are certain people who are better at it than others, that does not always mean that you cannot get better.

It is easy to advance in the game with dedicated practice!

Tricks for the new beginner

Whether you are a professional, or just starting out in the game of ping pong, you have to take the time to practice if you are ever going to have a chance to beat anybody.

It is crucial that you dedicate yourself to either playing with friends consistently or practicing by yourself to do the best for your serve and to keep the ball in service for the rest of the game.

If you really want to catch people’s attention, you are going to want to learn ping pong tricks that will make your look good.

You want to look better than anyone else playing, and even if you aren’t the best player, the people around will notice you more should you take these tricks into consideration.

The thing will all of these tricks is that they do take practice in order to achieve them consistently.

We will break them down one by one in order for you to fully grasp what you are going to have to do.

We hope that through these tricks you can feel even more confident in your game and be ready to face your next challenger!

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The serve

For the first set of tricks, we are going to focus primarily on one of the most important features of a great game of tennis: the serve.

Serving is so important to learn how to do effectively in order to get your game off to a great start.

Rather than serving like everyone else, why not try one of these tricks:

The fake out

With the fake out, you are going to make your opponent think you are serving really hard, but then you just hit it lightly.

This will make them start further back than they usually do and really confuse them.

In order for this to work you have to sell it, and we recommend having a few serves before where you do hit it far back so they get used to your serve.

Spinning the ball on the serve

This one takes a bit more skill and practice, but you effectively hit the ball at a certain angle so it spins towards them.

This is a lot harder to hit off the serve and you are pretty much guaranteed to throw off their game.

The backhand

One of the best ways to do ping pong tricks that will make your look good is to hit the ball differently than people usually do.

The only way to stick out and make your look succeed is to do things that are not of the norm.

This involves hitting the ball in unique ways that have not been done before.

One of our favorite tricks is the back hand, having the ability to hit the ball as if you are going to hit it normally and then twisting it to hit it with the backhand.

You never want your opponent to know where the ball is going and the backhand will throw them off.

The spike

The final ping pong trick that will make your look good that we are going to examine is the spike.

This is the most common move to score points in the game of ping pong and can make you look really cool.

It is all about gaining the strength to smash down the ball right into the end of the other player’s court.

It is all about hitting it right down, without it going out of bounds. For the spike to work it is all about the setup!

Check out this video by Ping Skills on some awesome trick serves:

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