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Making Your Air-Hockey Table Slippery

The game air-hockey is set on a table that has low friction and is played by players of two.Before playing any game, you need to learn the simple steps in cleaning and maintaining the it. Making the air-hockey

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How To Clean Your Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is a fun game that was created sometime in the 1970s. Bob Lemieux, an ice hockey fan, was one of the major proponents of getting this game underway.It’s a game mostly of skill- not really

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How to Build Your Own Foosball Table In 14 Easy Steps

If you know anything about Foosball, you know how important the right Foosball table is.It can either improve your game, or frustrate you to no end.So, yes, your Foosball table is important. But you’ve

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Air Hockey Tips and Strategies For Beginners

One of the most action-packed games you will ever play is air hockey. This is a 2-player game where opponents stand on opposite ends of the table and battle it out with pucks/goalies.The table is the most

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All You Need to Know About The Game of Pool/Billiard

When you are first learning to play billiards/pool, it can seem like an art form.There are a variety of different terms, strategies, and variations that you must learn in addition to simply sinking the

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