20 Best Small Air Hockey Table Review

Best Small Air Hockey Table

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Best Small Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is a very popular game in almost every part of the world. Featured in most arcades, the popular two player game is a fun and intense experience. The game is playable by people of all ages, as all it requires is focus and good reflexes. It is fun for adults as well as children.

Best Small Air Hockey Table: Our Top 20 Picks

Here are some of the best small air hockey table:

1. Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play!

This is another table top mini air hockey table made by Hey! Play!, who have made it to be easily transportable and easy to use as well.

It is quite easy to assemble, requiring less than 10 or so minutes to be assembled to the point of full functionality.

It provides other conveniences as well, one of them being the slide scorers on the side that can be used to keep track of score in a convenient matter, as well as the puck returner which provides the puck back to the player who just conceded a point, instead of making them have to fish it out.

The motor featured inside of the model is quite powerful, making the puck flow around the surface in a fast manor, which allows for fast and intense gameplay.

The battery in powered by 8 AA batteries, which aren’t included along with the model.

2. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

A nice 40 inches in size, this is a table top air hockey table that is fun for anyone that enjoys the game.

The size is quite enough for anyone around the age of 8 and above to enjoy, while the table itself is quite well designed, consisting of a simple ice hockey field gimmick on the surface while having a wood like design on the side of its exterior.

The table itself is actually made out of MDF material that is quite solid and durable, meaning that you won’t have to ever worry about it breaking before the expected time as long as you are a little careful with it.

The table comes with the accessories required for playing and also features the convenient slide scorers that are very helpful when keeping track of score.

3. Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adult

This is a model that is quite large table when it comes to small tables, as this one is 40 inches, which is quite bigger than most other tables in this category, and is quite enjoyable for anyone over the age of 8, even adults.

The 40 inch table features the required accessories with it, while having other convenient features such as the slide scorers that are a very easy way to keep track of score, and the goal boxes are designed to store the puck for the conceding player’s convenience, so that they can restart the game immediately after they have conceded a point.

Powered with a AC-12V motor that provides a great amount of air flow, the surface of the model will be smooth enough to provide the fun and excitement of most regular sized air hockey tables.

4. Best Choice Products 40-Inch Air Hockey Table

This table top table by best choice products is a 40 air hockey table that is a very large size when it comes to the category of small air hockey tables.

Being around 40 inches in length, the table is in fact a good size for anyone of ages 8 and above to enjoy.

If you want to buy a table that both you and you children can enjoy than this might just be the right size, as it is good for every age group. But size isn’t all there is to a table.

This model is also quite powerful, having a 100V fan motor that can be more than enough to supply a decent amount of air to every part of the surface, ensuring smooth and even gameplay.

The table weighs 16 pounds, which means that it is somewhat easy to pick up and quite easy to transport here and there.

5. Point Games Blazing Air Hockey – Fast Paced Action Game

Another fine option for children aged around 5 to 8, this table is 21 inches in length and has a simple and efficient design, regularly found in most air hockey tables.

The surface is made with good materials, and has the classic air hockey table design, which is the replica of an ice hockey field, to give the feeling of competitiveness to the players playing.

The table is very safe, made with non-toxic and durable materials that will make the table last a while, while the required accessories, which are already included alongside of the table, are also made so that they cannot be swallowed.

As mentioned, it is a durable model that is sure to last you a long enough time, however if there is an unexpected problem with it, Point games, the manufacturers of the table, have offered a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that they will offer you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

6. Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Game Table w/Pool Billiards, Air Hockey, Foosball and Table Tennis

This is another table top air hockey table, which is more suitable for kids that are around the ages of 7-12. Being around 32 inches in length, it is a larger table in the small air hockey table category, one that is suited to children of a larger age.

Made with high quality and completely non-toxic MDF material, this air hockey table is quite durable, and has a smoother surface than most other air hockey tables, this is because of the fact that there is no motor to supply air flow, which is why the surface has to be smooth itself.

There is a very impressive reason for there not being a motor in the table, and this reason is that the table features 4 different games including air hockey. All 4 of these games can be enjoyed on the same table by the simple changing of the game boards.

7. Westminster Tabletop Air Hockey

Around 16 inches in length and 9 inches in width, this table top air hockey table is most suited to kids around the ages of 4-7, however it could also be suitable for slightly older children as well.

It has a simple and pleasing design on the surface, featuring the quite common white,  ice hockey field design, whereas the exterior on the sides is also quite stylish, featuring a brown and attractive wood like design, however the product itself isn’t made out of actual wood.

Weighing only 2.6 pounds, the model is easily portable, so that you can take it anywhere with an even surface and place it on said surface to play.

The small size and light material does have a down side though, since the table is prone to breaking due to the materials being a bit weaker compared to the ones used for most regular sized air hockey tables.

All required accessories are also featured along with the table.

8. Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

A fine choice when looking for a gift for your or someone else’s child, this 35 inch table top air hockey table manufactured by Mainstreet classics of GLD productions is a fine fit for children aged 8 and above.

It features a stylish red white and black design that many kids would find very attractive, while also being a good size for them to get a good glimpse at the fun and intense experience of air hockey gameplay.

The accessories are included alongside with the model, as the accessories have been made to match the table’s great style.

It is efficient as well, not weighing much considering its size while also providing slide scorers and puck retrievers, both of which are helpful assets.

The table also has a 110V motor, which is more than enough to allow smooth and fast gameplay. The materials that the table was manufactured with are durable.

9. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Table Top Air Hockey

Light weight and very easy to move around, this 21 inch table top air hockey table is a very portable and safe option for kids.

Its materials are light and non-toxic, meaning that you can let your kids play around with it worry free, however some parts, when not assembled or being used, are small enough for kids to swallow.

The size, being 21 inches in length, is enough for kids aged 5 and above to enjoy and learn air hockey.

There is a small motor built inside that supplies air flow to the surface so that the puck travels around the surface of the model smoothly, just as it would in any air powered table.

The motor is battery powered, and will require 3 AA type batteries if you want it to be fully functional. Unlike some other air hockey models, this one doesn’t feature the batteries with it.

10. Franklin Sports 20In Table Games – Table Top Mini Game

This 20 inch long table top table is a good size for most kids over the age of 4, as its size is great for them to start learning air hockey, while also being entertained by the fun experience of the game.

It also features the required accessories for playing air hockey, which have been adjusted in size so that they can work better with the small sized table.

The model is stylishly designed, having a slick black color surface that is unique compared to the standard white surfaces found on most tables.

On the sides, there are built in slide scorers that are an easy way of keeping track of the current score.

The small but strong motor inside of it is battery powered, and is enough to provide the surface with air flow so that the game can go on smoothly, as the air will lessen the effects of friction on the surface.

11. Mainstreet Classics 22-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

This is another fine table that has been manufactured by Mainstreet classics of GLD productions, who’s 22 inch table top air hockey table is a fine gift for any 5-9 year old.

The table is designed to take up little to no space, which is exactly what it does. It is also very light and easy to take around here and there, since it weighs around 3 pounds, which is basically nothing.

The required accessories are included and have been made so that they aren’t too big for the little table, as that would make it difficult to play.

The table is powered by a blower which provides it with a fine amount of air flow, which is enough to play smoothly.

The battery is powered by a total of 8 AA batteries which aren’t included along with the product. Slide scorers and puck returners are also present.

12. International Playthings Game Zone – Electronic Table-Top Air Hockey

A model made with fine materials, the game zone electronic table top air hockey table is a good choice for children due to its size and durability, as well as ease of portability.

Made with lightweight materials, the model is very easy to carry and can be transported from one place to another with significant ease, which is a good thing for a table top table, considering the fact that you will be required to pick it up time and time again.

Measuring 20 and a half inches in length and 13.5 inches in width, the table is a comfortable size for most children above 5 but isn’t recommended if you are looking for a table for an even younger child.

The table has a simple and efficient design, while having an adjustable bridge part which can be attached to give the table a more arcade type look.

13. Blue Line 32-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey for Kid

Around 32 inches in length, this is a table which can be considered most suited to children of ages 8-12, and one that is also quite stylish.

The exterior has a fine blue design on its sides that is of a wavy nature, whereas the surface is mainly a copy of ice hockey fields, as most air hockey table surface designs are.

The table was made with the goal of keeping children away from screens and introducing kids to a fun game that also helps with their skills, which is exactly what it does.

The model is designed in a manner which makes it stylish as well as durable, as the non-marking pads under it will allow it to stay even, even in slightly bumpy surfaces, which allows for fair and uninterrupted gameplay.

The product features required accessories as well as a durable bag that can be used to transport and store the product.

14. Giantex Multi Game Table, 2 in 1 Combo Mini Game Table

This fine table, manufactured by giantex, is a table most suited to kids of ages 6 and above is around 27 inches in size.

It is made with solid wood which is durable in nature, while also being finely crafted so that it is in no way harmful for your children.

The table is easy to move around, which means that you can take it with you to other places as well so that your children can enjoy playing with it, such as a picnic at the park.

The best thing about this model is the fact that it doesn’t offer just air hockey.

This is a specially designed combo table that can be changed in order to play foosball as well as ice hockey. All you need to do is switch the boards in order to play one game instead of the other.

The boards are storable inside the built-in storage of the table.

15. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Tabletop NEON Air Hockey

Stylishly designed, this 21 inch model manufactured by Matty’s is a very good looking table top air hockey table that most children would find attractive.

Perfect for children aged 5 and above, this table features a slick neon styled design that looks very attractive.

Big enough for an entertaining game of air hockey, but small enough for it to be easily stored anywhere, this table top air hockey table is an efficient choice, especially if you want to talk it around with you, as it is only 4 and a half pounds in weight.

The color scheme of the table is quite nice and the required accessories are also included alongside it, which have been adjusted in color and size to match the table.

The motor is also powerful, which ensures that the surface will get the proper amount of air flow required, providing your children with smooth gameplay, that they will enjoy to the fullest.

16. haxTON Air Hockey Table for Game Room Table Top Air Hockey Set

Another larger version of the small air hockey table category, this is a fine option for anyone that is looking for a casual air hockey table and is over the age of 8.

This size is enough for parents to enjoy playing as well as children, while also being convenient for parents in other aspects, such as easy assembly and a great ease when it comes to portability due to the very light weight of the model.

It is equipped with an AC-12V motor that will supply it with steady air flow, allowing smooth and exciting gameplay.

The high quality MDF material is also quite durable, and has good stability due to its full panel leg supports.

17. STLA154001 – ESPN 154001 ESPN Air Hockey Tabletop

Made by ESPN, the popular sports brand as well as sport broadcaster, this small 20.5 table top air hockey table is most suited to kids below the age of 8.

The table is quite small, but it is very stylishly designed, which makes it great for children since small and stylish are two things that will attract them.

The required accessories are featured along with the product, meaning that you’ll be spared of the hassle of having to buy pucks and strikers separately.

The table is quite light as well, which is expected, taking its size into consideration.

The model, being light and specially designed, is easy to transport, and quite efficient in use as well, since it has slide scorers for keeping the score in check, as well as an easy puck recovery system, which can be helpful for resuming play in a hurry.

It is also made with durable materials, ensuring a longer lifespan.

18. Bits and Pieces – Extreme Air Hockey Table Game

This model, made by bits and pieces, measures 20.5 inches in length, making it most suitable for 5-8 year olds, as opposed to people of other ages, however this doesn’t mean that they can’t and won’t enjoy playing with it.

Featuring a smart design that makes it look attractive, as well as a bridge a bit over the surface, the table gives the feeling you’d get when playing with air hockey tables mostly found in arcades. 2 slide scorers are also featured in the side.

These are used for keeping track of score with more ease as compared to memorizing it or writing it down.

The built in motor is strong enough to provide sufficient air flow, allowing the puck to continuously float around and making the game feel much faster as well as smoother.

The battery is powered using two D batteries, which are not included along with the table.


More suited to kids of ages 5-7, this is a fine table made by Westminster that has a great design, and is 20 inches in length.

Although the design on the surface is the usual mimic of an ice hockey field, the sides of the table are designed stylishly and have a nice color scheme that most children would find attractive.

The model is efficient when it comes to utility as well as portability, since the light materials that it is made off weigh practically nothing and the product also comes with required accessories, meaning that you won’t have to buy them separately.

It also features slide scorers that can be used to easily keep track of the current score, as well as a puck retrieval system that speeds things up.

The surface is smooth and receives sufficient air flow due to the motor, meaning your children will be able to enjoy the fun and exciting gameplay of air hockey.

20. Alomejor Ice Hockey Toy Air Hockey Game Table

This table, which is around 21 and a half inches in length, takes on an unconventional design when it comes to air hockey table surfaces.

The corners of the surface of this model are actually bent in a way that they are closed, meaning that instead of being a completely rectangular surface, this one is a bit different in shape.

This also means that playing on the table will be a little different as compared to regular tables, as the corners could make it harder to control the puck, as well as making it a bit harder to score, since the sides won’t deflect the puck in.

However this shouldn’t be a problem since children aren’t going to mind a little change to the table.

It is made of non-toxic plastic, which isn’t exactly the most durable of materials, however it is very light (weighing less than half a kilo), which allows ease of portability.

Choosing the Best Small Air Hockey Table

In the end, the fun game that is air hockey is available in all sizes, so that anyone can play, no matter their age.

The fun and intense game is more about the person’s actual skills rather than the table, but that doesn’t mean that you should just buy any table in the world.

The reviews above feature some of the best small air hockey tables, but there are also many more choices for you to choose from, so keep an open mind.

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