20 Best Rated Air Hockey Tables Review

Best Rated Air Hockey Tables

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Best Rated Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey is a game that surely needs no introduction by now. It’s been around since the 1970’s and has only been growing ever since.

Up till present time, air hockey has become a popular game in both arcades, as well as the homes of many people all over the world.

The best part about it is the fun that it offers, as you can have an intense, competitive game of air hockey, or you could just play a casual game with your friends or family every once in a while.

What are the Best Rated Air Hockey Tables?

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Best Choice Products 40in Portable Tabletop Air Hockey Arcade Table for Game Room, Living Room w/ 100V Motor, Powerful Electric Fan, 2...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Best Choice Products 40in Portable Tabletop Air Hockey Arcade Table for Game Room, Living Room w/ 100V Motor, Powerful Electric Fan, 2...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Best Choice Products 40in Portable Tabletop Air Hockey Arcade Table for Game Room, Living Room w/ 100V Motor, Powerful Electric Fan, 2...
Best Choice Products 40in Portable Tabletop Air Hockey Arcade Table for Game Room, Living Room w/ 100V Motor, Powerful Electric Fan, 2...

There are many air hockey tables to choose from all over the internet. If you want to buy one, here are some tips on finding the right air hockey table to buy.

  • There are multiple variations to choose from, the main two being table top and stand up tables. Depending on whether you prefer portability or competitive gameplay, you should choose your table variation accordingly.
  • A sturdy table is important, as they face forceful impact every time you want to play.
  • The accessories also have to be durable and should be a size that works with the size of the table.

Best Rated Air Hockey Tables: Our Top 20 Picks

Here are some of the best rated air hockey tables:

1. Hathaway Rapid Fire 42-in 3-in-1 Air Hockey Multi-Game Table

Although a multi game table which includes three separate and playable games, this isn’t an interchangeable table, meaning that you don’t have to worry about there not being any motor to supply your tables surface with air flow.

This model doesn’t have multiple boards that can be replaced, instead it has one single air hockey surface, while having two target nets, using which you can practice both your football and ice hockey aim, depending on the net you are using.

This feature makes it one of the best options for children that love ice hockey. Its 41.3 inch playing surface length make it enough for adults to enjoy playing with their children as well.

There is also an electronic scorer built in to keep track of score for you. Another good thing about it is that even with the nets included, the total weight of the product is less than 28 pounds.

2. Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

Made by American brand Sportcraft, this 40 inch table has been made for both adults and children, however the size makes it more suited to the latter.

This doesn’t mean that adults can’t play on it though, as it is comfortable enough for them to enjoy casual games as well, however if you are looking for something a bit more competitive tournament suited, than a bigger table would be recommended.

Powered by a 12v AC motor, the model provides its surface with enough air to ensure that the players can get a good air hockey experience, which is something similar to what they’d get on a bigger table.

There are manual slide scorers on both sides too. These have been built in to allow the players to keep track of score during games. It is a table top air hockey table and weighs less than 11 pounds.

3. Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Arcade Table for Game Room

Made to be transportable, this 40 inch air hockey table is one that is meant to be enjoyed by families on occasions like game nights.

The 40 inch size makes it just about comfortable enough for adults to work with, while being great for children to enjoy as well, so that people of all ages can play a fun game or two on it and bond with their families.

Being only 8 and a half inches tall in the heights department, the model is more of a table top as compared to a stand up table.

This allows it to be much lighter, though, making the products previously mentioned focus of portability much easier, as the lack of parts and long legs makes it small enough to weigh 16 pounds in total.

It also has a strong motor of exactly 100V inside it that powers the surface.

4. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

A model that focuses on giving you an arcade like experience at home, manufactured by Triumph sports, it features characteristics and effects that you would otherwise find in most arcade air hocket table variations.

These features include the regular things, such as an LED electronic scorer that keeps track of score for you by identifying when the puck has entered a players goal, while also including fun things such as sound effects and rail lights that light up the table and also react accordingly whenever a point has been scored.

The 12V motor inside of it allows its surface to get good air flow, allowing players to enjoy a true air hockey experience.

The 6 feet size makes it great for almost everyone. While the recommended age is 8-11 years old as given by the manufacturers, older people can also enjoy playing on it because of the large playing space that it offers.

5. IFOYO Multi-Function 4 in 1 Combo Game Table

This is an interchangeable version of 4 different and very popular table games played all across the world. These 4 games include the likes of hockey, table tennis, billiards and Foosball.

One thing that you’ll notice is that the products given name says hockey instead of air hockey. This is because calling it an air hockey table would be misleading since there isn’t any being provided to the surface.

However this isn’t anything to worry about. Interchangeable tables have smoother surfaces when it comes to air hockey boards most of the time, and so is the case here, meaning that while it won’t be the same, you will be able to get a similar experience as you would from an individual table.

The 4 games can be easily switched between one another, and there is also a cabinet constructed with MDF so that you can comfortably store the boards when needed.

6. Point Games Blazing Air Hockey – Fast Paced Action Game

This is a table much smaller in size than most, being around 21 inches only in length. This is because of the fact that it is meant for children.

The 21 inch size is not suitable for adults to enjoy, however if you want to buy a table for children aged 4-7, than this table is much a great size for them.

Powered by a good motor given its size, your children are sure to get a good playing experience.

Since it is made for children, appropriate measures have also been made to ensure their safety. For example the materials used to build are completely non-toxic and it isn’t sharp from any point so they can’t get cut.

None of the accessories can be swallowed either so you don’t have to worry about any infants swallowing them. There is a money back guarantee as well in case you aren’t satisfied.

7. Westminster Tabletop Air Hockey

One of the tiniest air hockey tables out there, this model manufactured by Westminster is only 16 inches in length.

As you can probably figure out by yourself, this is not, in any way, a model that can work well with teen or adult players, as the 16 inch size is barely double that of an average person’s hand.

It is specifically made for the youngest of children, mainly of ages 3-6. It doesn’t have much to offer, being a simple and small model for children to enjoy air hockey with their friends or siblings.

There is a small electric motor that runs on 3 AA batteries and provides the surface with air, the batteries being excluded from the product.

The small size has one big advantage, which is the great ease of portability. Weighing around 1.27 pounds it is very easy to carry and take around with you. Some parts of the model can be swallowed.

8. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Table Top Air Hockey & Foosball

Featuring two of the most popular table games, it has both an air hockey table and a foosball table.

Unlike interchangeable tables that don’t have motors to supply the surface with air, this one does since both tables are separate and the air hockey one can be powered by the motor.

The recommended age by the manufacturers themselves is 6, however the 21 inch size of both tables makes them suitable for 4 and 5 year olds as well.

The age limit is just a bit higher since there are some parts that can be swallowed or cause damage to your children, however it shouldn’t be a problem if they are careful.

One of the good things about this bundle is that it also comes with extra accessories for each set, so that you can keep playing even after you’ve lost them once or twice.

9. 48″ Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scorer

A good table for its given value, this 48 inch table is a good size for most children to enjoy playing with.

The size is ideal for any child over the age of 8, however teens and adults can also enjoy a casual game. The electricity powered motor allows the puck to move around almost all the time, making the experience similar to that which you’d get from a regular sized and more powerful table.

The model also has interesting features such as an LED scorer that allows you to keep focusing on playing and not having to worry about the score since it’ll track it for you.

The LED scorer is battery operated, which is the reason why there are also manual scorers on the table too. The manual scorers let you keep track of score yourselves when the LED scorer is out of batteries. It weighs around 31 pounds, being portable enough.

10. International Playthings Game Zone – Electronic Table-Top Air Hockey

20 and a half inches long, this is another smaller table. Made for children over the age of five, it features a simple yet intriguing appearance, which is simple yet attractive on almost all fronts.

The main color of the model is white, while being red in some parts such as the starting circle in the middle of the surface.

There are also 2 bridge pieces included along with it, one red and one blue, while also having a large attachable sticker that can be attached to make the bridge pieces look adjoined.

The motor in the table is powerful given the size, allowing children to get a faster and fun experience as compared to the smoother ones that most other tables prefer.

It is a table top air hockey table, meaning that little to no effort is required in order to put it together due to the lack of parts.

11. Air Hockey Tabletop Game Table for Kids | Lanos 40 Inch Electronic Air Hockey

40 inches in size, this model which is manufactured by Lanos, features a nice and simple design. Although the design is pretty simple, being pretty close to that of an ice hockey field on the surface, the color scheme of both the table and its accessories makes it look good.

The sides are also pretty simple and don’t have anything that special on them. There are non-marking pads on the sides that are there to ensure that children cannot get hurt while playing due to one of the sharp corners.

The powerful 12V AC motor is a good addition, having enough strength to provide the table with even airflow so that all sides feel the same when playing.

All required accessories are featured alongside and there is also a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty in case you aren’t satisfied with the product or it is broken.

12. MD Sports 48 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table with LED Electronic Scorer

Made to be just enough in size as to not take too much space while also being enough to provide people of all ages with entertainment, this air hockey table is 48 inches long and is good for small spaces or rooms such as apartments or living rooms.

The design is quite flashy, featuring multiple amounts of different colors that give the table a stylish appearance which most people would like.

The strong 12V DC motor keeps the puck gliding through the table at all times, meaning that you can enjoy a fast game or two of air hockey at any time.

The legs make the model quite sturdy, as they are made to give it enough support to keep it in one place.

There is an electronic scorer as well, which conveniently shares its power with the motor so that you don’t have to get separate batteries.

13. Blue Wave 32 Inch Air Hockey Table Top by Carmelli

Featuring the same design on its side as the one mentioned in its name, this 32 inch air hockey table has a simple design on top, while having a stylish, wavy design on the sides, which is of course, blue.

Portability is one its main focuses, as it has been made as a table top instead of a stand up, allowing it to weigh no more than 16 pounds.

For the purpose of portability, Carmelli also provide buyers with a durable enough carry bag that you can use to take it and its accessories around with significant comfort.

The non-marking pads on all the corners of the model make it safe for children to use, while also allowing the table top table to sit comfortably on almost all surfaces so that players can enjoy an even and fair game of air hockey. The 32 inch size is a little small for adults though.

14. ESPN 5 Ft. Air Hockey Table Family Indoor Game

Manufactured by the popular sports brand and broadcasters ESPN, this air hockey table has been made with by experienced manufacturers.

The red black and white design of the model makes it very attractive while also giving it an arcade like look.

The 5 foot size is great for most ages, allowing anyone to enjoy a fun game of air hockey on it. The UL certified air motor provides strong air flow that keeps the games entertaining as the puck won’t be stopping much.

There is also a good overhead scorer that most arcade based usually feature. This gives it a much more attractive look while also providing players with the current score of the match.

There are also manual scorers on top of both goals in case you prefer those. It isn’t the lightest table, weighing around 50 pounds, however it is still portable if you have a vehicle with free space.

15. Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table

A larger table than most others, it measures just half an inch less than a 100 inches. This large size makes it a perfect size for teens and adults, although it will most likely be too big for the majority of children.

The 93 inch size of the playing field allows competitive play, as the table is made for that.

The arcade like design of the table makes it very attractive along with its color scheme. As it is named fire storm, its color scheme also mainly features red and a darker shade of blue.

There is a transparent and attachable bridge that features fire decals and adds to the surfaces appearance while not disrupting gameplay.

The very large overhead scorer also is an interesting addition, and also features the color red as its main color.

The manufacturers provide free shipping, as well as a 1 year warranty in case something goes wrong with the model.

16. haxTON Air Hockey Table for Game Room Table Top Air Hockey Sets

Featuring wind suspension which traps air and causes all parts of the surface to receive the same amount of air, this 40 inch table has equal air flow on all of its parts, allowing players to enjoy fair and smooth gameplay.

This is made possible by the air powered motor inside of it. The size is practically enough for adults too, although ideally for children.

The good quality high density fiberboard made to use it makes it quite durable, so that it can last long without suffering any damages that may cause interference in your playing.

The polyvinyl chloride used for the surface is also good, as it allows the surface to remain scratch and damage free for a long time while also making it smoother.

There are smaller yet convenient characteristics as well, such as the simple built in slide scorers used to keep track of score.

17. Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table with Overhead Scoring

Being just a little lower than the regulation size for competitive air hockey tables, this model is exactly 8 feet or 96 inches when it comes to the playing surface.

This makes it a great option for nay adult that plays air hockey on a regular basis and treats it in a competitive manor.

The size makes it almost perfect for competitive play and for hosting tournaments between friends.

It is mainly a table for arcades though, which is why it might be a bit more expensive than most other tables. It features a simple enough design, having different shades of blue consist as the main part of its color scheme.

There is also an overhead scorer that is common in most arcade styled tables. This scorer has 2 screens on both sides that display the score. It weighs 586 pounds, making it all but portable.

18. haxTON Air Hockey Table for Game Room Table Top Air Hockey Sets

Manufactured by haxTON, this table is made for children to train their insight and other attributes, such as their reflexes and dexterity.

The model does this while also providing them with loads of fun with a large enough surface area for them to enjoy playing with their parents while they can also enjoy.

The manufacturers have made it as an alternative to letting children stay in front of mobile phones or computers all day, and instead giving them something that they and their parents can use to bond.

It has a powerful enough motor, a 12V DC motor to be exact, which provides its surface with steady air flow, so that the gameplay is smooth and comfortable.

Made with high quality MDF and polyvinyl chloride, its sides and surface are both durable enough to last long, while also being light enough to make it easy to transport.

19. Carmelli Rapid Fire 42-in 3-in-1 Air Hockey Multi-Game Table

This 42 inch table features 3 separate games that can be played on one table.

However, like a previously reviewed model, this one has only one playing surface, and used two nets for the other two games, which are used for target practice to enhance your aim in either football or ice hockey, depending on the net currently attached to the table.

This makes it an ideal gift for children that like sports and table games like air hockey.

The size is also big enough for kids to enjoy playing with their parent, as 42 inches is enough for them to be comfortable when playing too. Using a single but powerful 110V motor which is UL approved and can be connected to power outlets via an A/C adapter.

The L-shaped legs make it much easier for the table to stay in one place when two players are playing. There are also electronic and manual scorers.

20. Franklin Sports 48″ Straight Leg Air Hockey Table

A good for value table manufactured by Franklin Sports, this 48 inch table has enough space in its playing surface for adults and children to enjoy games together, making it good for family game time.

Featuring useful features such as a strong motor to provide its surface with consistent air flow, the table is good enough to give its players a realistic air hockey table experience. There are also electronic scorers along with manual scorers too.

The electronic scorers run on batteries and keep track of score for you, whereas the manual scorers are there to be used when the electronic scorer is out of batteries or if you prefer a more classic touch.

The surface of the table features a good blue and white color scheme, whereas the sides are greyish and have black non-marking pads on the corners. These are there to protect players from hitting the sharp corners of the table when playing.

Choosing the Best Rated Air Hockey Tables

As you can see from the reviews above, there are many tables to choose from if you are new to air hockey or if you want a new table in general since your old one broke.

There are great models for all variations, whether the more expensive arcade styled tables, the basic stand up tables, the transportable table top tables or more.

There are other great air hockey tables as well as the ones listed above, giving you lots to choose from.

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