12 Best Portable Air Hockey Table Review (Lightweight Choices)

Best Portable Air Hockey Table

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Best Portable Air Hockey Table

Played by millions of people all over the world on a daily basis, air hockey is a game that has kept growing and growing since its invention in the 1970s.

Mostly a game played in arcades across the globe, air hockey manufacturers also started to make more affordable air hockey tables for use in homes, however these less expensive models do possess a bit less characteristics as compared to the models featured in arcades.

Air hockey is popular for a reason. The game is fun to play and ignites a spark of competitiveness between the players playing.

This makes the game fun for parties and other events as well, which is why there are also air hockey tables that are much easily portable as compared to the arcade models.

What are the Best Portable Air Hockey Table?

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Table Top Air Hockey (Extra Pucks) & Foosball (Soccer) (Extra Balls) Games Gift Set Bundle - 2 Pack
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Table Top Air Hockey (Extra Pucks) & Foosball (Soccer) (Extra Balls) Games Gift Set Bundle - 2 Pack
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Table Top Air Hockey (Extra Pucks) & Foosball (Soccer) (Extra Balls) Games Gift Set Bundle - 2 Pack
Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Table Top Air Hockey (Extra Pucks) & Foosball (Soccer) (Extra Balls) Games Gift Set Bundle - 2 Pack

If you intend to purchase a portable air hockey table, here are some things you should know.

  • Looking for a good air motor is vital, as it is the key to excitement in air hockey.
  • Tabletops are much easier to transport than standup tables since they have lesser parts.
  • It should be easy to assemble and break down for ease of portability.

Best Portable Air Hockey Table: Our Top 12 Picks

Here are some of the best portable air hockey table:

1. Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play!

This model is made by Hey! Play!. A brand which can be called somewhat famous when it comes to children’s toys.

The table is 22 inches in size, ultimately not being all that suitable for most adults and teens, however it is a good size for any child, especially those under 8. The battery powered motor runs via the help of 8 AA batteries that aren’t included with the product itself.

The model is somewhat easy to assemble, not taking more than 10-15 minutes to assemble.

You will need a Philips head screwdriver to complete the assembly though, which also isn’t included with the product, which is bold considering the fact that most air hockey tables do actually provide the tools needed for assembly.

Regardless, even if there is a problem during the assembly, you can easily consult to it with the help of the manual which is provided. An ensuring fact about it is that you can to get your money back if there is a problem with it.

2. Westminster Tabletop Air Hockey

A standard table top air hockey table with not much to it when it comes to design, this is a simple table manufactured by Westminster.

The design on the surface features a normal ice hockey pitch design of sorts, which is common in air hockey tables regardless of their size. The sides have a nice and dark wooden design to them that grants the table with a little more attractive vibe to it.

However the most important thing is the fact that while this table is simple and a bit nice looking, it is only 16 inches in length , a size that no teenager or adult can work with and something that even a few 10-12 year olds might struggle with.

The size is most suited to 4-6 year olds but the table can also be enjoyed by slightly older children as well. It is very portable, as the 16 inch size allows it to be easily stored in almost any bag while the 1.7 pound weight is light enough for you to feel as if you’re carrying nothing.

3. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Table Top

A fine deal, courtesy of the manufacturers of the product, Matty’s Toy Stop, this table top air hockey table comes along with a foosball table top table as well, as a part of a combo package.

The air hockey table is separate from the foosball table, meaning that although you’ll have to make up a little more space for both tables, they are both very light and easy to store away and carry around as well.

Meaning that you will be able to get your kids two games to play, so that they can play whatever they feel like playing between the two choices.

Both of the tables measure around 21 inches in length while also measuring 12 and a half inches in width, meaning that they most likely won’t be a sufficient size for you as an adult to enjoy.

The model not only features all the required accessories to play both games, it features more than the required amount of them, so that you can keep playing even after you misplaced the first couple.

4. Franklin Sports 20In Table Games – Table Top Mini Game

Another 20 inch table top air hockey table, this one features a refreshing look and color scheme that is different to the usual one.

Featuring a simple yet quite attractive black surface and sides that also consists of white lines as opposed to the white and other color consisting tables found more frequently.

The black color scheme that most kids would find to be stylish, while it also looks good for adults, as the small yet good looking table can also ass to the appearance of your home when it isn’t being played with.

The 20 inch length is something preferably suited to 4-7 year olds, however it can be enjoyed by others too, depending on their height.

The 8 ounce weight is a breeze to carry around, and even your children can comfortably pick it up and store it away when needed, making it a good choice if you want a light table that your kids can enjoy playing with when away from home, on a picnic or something else.

5. Ideal Lightning Air Hockey Kids Tabletop Game

This 20 inch table features a strong motor, at least strong when you take the tables size into consideration.

The powerful motor, which runs on 8 different AA batteries that aren’t included with the products, provides more than enough airflow to the surface of the table.

The flow of air is actually strong enough to make the gameplay faster as compared to smoother, allowing for fast and furious gameplay, hence the name of the model.

The table top table weighs only a single pound, meaning that you can pick it up and place it wherever you wish, something that can only be considered an attractive trait when talking about table tops. It is also significantly easy to assemble, only needing a minute or two to set up and play after you receive it.

The accessories, being featured with the table, also helps with getting things underway quickly, as you won’t need to buy new ones. However as mentioned above, the size is only 20 inches, meaning that it is only great for children, despite its good features.

6. Mainstreet Classics 22-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

This neat and small little table is manufactured by GLD product’s Mainstreet Classics, a brand which they’ve made mainly for toys, games and other accessories.

The 22 inch length isn’t good enough for most adults to enjoy a game of air hockey, however it is an ideal size for any child that wants to play air hockey with his siblings or friends.

The playing with a friend part is also made easier due to the efficient design of the table which allows it to weigh no more than 3 pounds, a weight that allows it to be moved around with comfort.

The battery powered motor is strong enough to provide good and smooth gameplay, something similar to that provided by a regular air hockey table, but not that great.

The model features a nice design, having the usual red and white design on the surface with a neat wooden finish on the sides.

Some parts of the product are reinforced with plastics, one example being the corners, which have been made so to ensure stable gameplay.

7. International Playthings Game Zone – Electronic Table-Top Air Hockey

A simple table when it comes to designs and assembly, this table, manufactured by International Playthings, has not much to offer when it comes to fancy appearances.

This is because its surface consists of only a circle in the middle, much like the one found in the center of most standard ice hockey fields, while the sides are plain white, and the support and base is a lighter shade of blue.

There is an attachable bridge though, which you join with the table to make it give off a cute little arcade like look, something that most children would find attractive.

Speaking of children, the table is mainly for them, as the 20.5 inch surface will most likely not be enough for any adults to enjoy playing, as the size is too little for comfort, however that doesn’t mean you can’t play one or two games against your kids every once in a while. It weighs less than 3 pounds, meaning that you can carry it with ease.

8. Blue Line 32-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey for Kids

Made by Hathaway, this simple table top air hockey table features a simple yet efficient design. The playing surface has a white layout, featuring black lines that mimic the shapes made on ice hockey surfaces.

The sides feature a neat blue design that has designs featuring moving hockey pucks to give off a more hockey like vibe. The model is quite portable, being only 10 pounds, which is easy to carry around.

But to make things even easier, the product also comes with a carry bag, courtesy of Hathaway, who have included so that you can move the model around with significant ease.

The overall size of the table is 32 inches, a size most suited to children over 6, while also being enough for adults to enjoy a game against their children every once in a while.

There is also a 180 day warranty with the table, meaning that if anything is to go wrong with the table, you should be able to get you money back rather easily.

9. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Tabletop NEON Air Hockey & NEON Foosball

Similar to another deal provided by Matty’s Toy Stop, this one also features both a separate air hockey table, and a foosball table.

The major difference between the other deal and this one is the design and color scheme of the tables.

While the patterns are mostly the same, with both tables representing fields from their respective sports, i.e. a football field for foosball and an ice hockey field for air hockey, there is an added twist.

This twist is the fact that the table has been colored to give a neon appearance, which also gives it glow in the dark capabilities.

A not so small little details that most kids would enjoy having on their table. In other aspects, the tables are small, each measuring 21 inches in length.

The product also provides players with more than enough accessories required to play, as there will be 4 pucks and 4 footballs, as opposed to the 2 each that most of these tables provide buyers with.

10. C&H Solutions Portable Mini Air Hockey Table Classic Game

This air powered hockey game table features a small and compact size of 22 inches in length, a size which is disappointingly small for adults, yet great for children around the ages 5-8.

Its small size may be too little for adults, however this table provides players with good gameplay, mainly due to the air powered motor inside of it which supplies the surface with air.

The gameplay is smooth and interesting for the most part, making it ideal for children looking to play a fun game once in a while.

Weighing around only 4 pounds, it is definitely not difficult to carry around here and there, making it a good option if you are looking for a compact and portable table.

There are also slide scorers on top of both goals, so that the players currently playing can keep track of score in an easy manner, while also being able to retract the puck easily due to the puck recovery boxes featured inside the goals.

11. Bits and Pieces – Extreme Air Hockey Table Game

Although this particular table has been created in an attempt to make something that people of all ages can enjoy, whether they are children, teens, or fully grown adults, the size makes you think otherwise.

20 and a half inches is not a big enough length for a grown teenager or adult to fully enjoy playing with, however you could play a game with your kids just for the sake of their entertainment and still get some kick out of it.

Any person that plays on regular sized tables on a regular basis will not have fun playing with this, which is why it is more suited to children over 4 and under 9.

The model has its name on both sides of the table, written in an interesting flaming font while having a starting circle in the middle to add a more hockey like touch to the table.

There is also a bridge that you can attach on the table to make it give an arcade like look, something that kids might like.

12. Alomejor Ice Hockey Toy Air Hockey Game Table Mini Table Top Game

Despite claiming to be for adults and children alike, this model made by Almejor is not for anyone that is used to playing on regular sized air hockey tables.

There are two reasons to this, one obviously being the tiny 16 inch length which will only be suited for a child along the lines of 4 to 6 years old.

The other one is the design of the surface. If you have seen a photo of this particular table, than you’ll know that the surface is inverted around the corners, meaning that instead of keeping the conventional air hockey table shape, which is a simple rectangle, this table does something different.

Sure kids might not be able to tell much of a difference however it will feel very different to play if you are an adult.

The size and the weight are both quite small and light, meaning that the model is more than portable enough to take wherever you want, and play with as long as there is an even surface.

Choosing the Best Portable Air Hockey Table

You may have noticed in the reviews for some of the best transportable air hockey tables above that almost all of them are more suited to children as compared to their suitability for adults.

This is mainly due to the fact that adults and teens need much bigger tables to play with, and that added size ultimately results in a drastic increase in the weight of the models, making portability a little more difficult than you would be comfortable with most of the time.

However these tables are all quite good, especially for children to play around with.

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