Best Ping Pong Paddles – Ultimate Buying Guide

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Looking for a good set of table tennis rackets can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many options that you can't tell the difference between different brands.

This guide dives in on the 10 best ping pong paddles on the market today.

Remember, there are two main factors you have to consider when searching for a good set of paddles:

- Level of experience

- Main usage

Once you determine what you need in a set of paddle, your shopping experience will be much easier.

What are the Best Ping Pong Paddles to Buy?

2) STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set

  • Great value for the money
  • Approved by USA Table Tennis 
  • High quality
  • Great for professional

3) Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Bundle

  • Pips-in rubber blade
  • Concave handle
  • Great for more control
  • Casual and competitive play

How to Choose the Right Paddle

orange table tannis paddle

Choosing the right ping pong paddle depends on a few key factors. The type of player you are, determines which type of paddle you need to use to make your game more effective. 

Whether you are an offensive or defensive style player can tell you which one is the best for you. Also, the level of experience dictates which paddle might be right for you. 

Another key factor to consider is what materials the paddle is made from. Some are better suited for a certain style of play.

Playing Style

From the outside looking in, ping pong can seem a very simple game. Especially when you start looking at the players in action. When you get to learn more about the game, you start to see how players have different styles.

In table tennis, playing styles fall into two categories: Traditional or Modern methods. Within these methods there are offensive or defensive styles. However, modern methods are considered to be more aggressive in play. 

Modern style player tend to use lighter paddles that allows them to be more agile with their swings. These player opt in for a paddle with a 5 layer blade and most of the material is carbon fiber.

Traditional style players usually go for a heavier type paddle, although this depends on whether they are offensive or defensive.

Defensive players tend to go for these heavier type paddles made out of wood, which allows them to control the pace better.

Experience Level

It is important to be self aware of your level of expertise and experience in this game to determined which paddle is for you. The best way of finding this out is by trying different paddles while playing. 

Beginners should go for low priced light paddles. This allows them to practice on a slower pace and start getting a rhythm. 

Intermediate and pros usually have a playing style established. Depending on the style, you should go for professional brands that offer better quality products that are suited for high level competition. 

Understanding Table Tennis Paddle Structure

Before selecting a paddle to buy, it is important to learn what are they made of and which materials are better suited for your needs. 

The different paddles and materials are usually determined by three key factors: power, speed, and control.

Ping pong paddles are made up of the following:

  • Handle
  • Blade
  • Sponge
  • Rubber


Players with an offensive or aggressive style are prone to opt for a strong paddle that allows them to speed up the game to suit their game. These types of rackets are usually made up of carbon fiber which allows for a lighter game and help the ball bounce faster. 

Players looking to establish a strong style must go for these types of paddles.


Players looking to establish speed, should place their focus on the sponge (which is the material between the rubber and the blade). Sponges come in three types: thick, medium, and thin. 

Thick sponges are preferred by players looking to have a faster game as the ball bounces much faster. 


Control is a skill looked by defensive style players. These types of players must go for a thin sponge and paddle made of wood which allows them to slow down the game to control pace.

Top Rated Ping Pong Paddles

If you are just starting out in ping pong, you may not know how to go about finding a beginner paddle.

You know you aren't a professional, but you still want something good. 

On the other hand, you don't want to spend too much. If you are in that boat, then here are some products to consider:

1. Table Tennis Set (Pack Of 4)

This set of table tennis paddles is particularly well suited to beginners. The paddles are good enough to be used by professionals, but they are really meant for people who are perhaps buying paddles for the first time.

These paddles are great all around buys for your ping pong set. The set includes 4 paddles and 6 ping pong balls. This is enough to get you going even if you want to play doubles.

The paddles feature professional construction and a great striking surface, capable of producing a lot of spin, and the blades are 5 ply

The rackets are ergonomically shaped and are designed to fit easily and comfortably in your hand.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these paddles are great.

If you are looking for a complete set of paddles and balls at a great price, particularly if you are a beginning ping pong player, then this set is not one to overlook.


  • Professional quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • 5 ply

2. STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set

The STIGA Performance is great for beginners. It is designed with performance in mind, and is suited to advanced players, but it is essentially a beginners pack.

The quality of these paddles is great for the price, and they are sure to provide you with many hours of enjoyment.

The set comes with 4 paddles and 6 ping pong balls, which means that you will be set even if you want to play doubles.

For all of that, its price is exceptionally low, even as the quality of the paddles themselves is quite high.

The paddles feature a great well gripping striking surface that is great for getting spin, and they will allow you to practice all of the advanced maneuvers that you want to learn.

This set comes with a 90 day warranty on all manufacturer defects, which means that even if the quality control is lower than you might find elsewhere, you are covered.


  • check
  • check
    Complete set
  • check
    Great striking surface
  • check
    90 day warranty


  • close
    Lacking quality control

3. Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Bundle

The Kettler Advantage comes with everything you will need to start playing, even if you want to play with 3 other people.

It is specifically designed to be inexpensive and available to beginners, but it is still of a high enough quality that the paddles can be used by professionals.

The kit comes with 4 paddles and 8 ping pong balls.

The paddles are designed so that the rough side of the striking surface is on the inside, meaning that the surface you hit the ball with is smooth.

This enhances your control and is great for getting spin.

The rubber that is used for the racket striking surface seems to be of a high quality, and the rackets themselves don't seem like they will fall apart anytime soon.

Overall, this is a great set for beginners that is sure to last some time.


  • check
    4 rackets,​​​ 8 balls
  • check
    Pips-in rubber design
  • check
    Solid construction


  • close
    Cheap quality

4. 4-Pack Pro Ping Pong Paddle Set

The 4-Pack Pro is a great set of paddles and balls for any beginner.

If you are just assembling your ping pong supplies, then you will want not only a complete set of paddles and balls, and not only one that is inexpensive, but also a set that includes high quality paddles -- the kind that even professionals could use.

This is one of those sets.

The paddles feature balanced construction allowing for spin, power, speed, and accuracy.

It is great for getting spin, but also great for hitting hard, straight power shots.

The rackets are made of 5 ply wood and include an ergonomically shaped flared handle. This makes them easy to hold and maneuver (and harder to drop!).


  • check
    5 ply construction
  • check
    Balance of speed and spin
  • check
    60 day warranty
  • check
    Ergonomic design


  • close
    The low price of these paddles indicated that they may be a cheap construction

5. MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddles

When you're looking to buy a paddle specifically for spin, you need something that has the right balance of power and control.

And you want a paddle with the right kind of striking surface. The MAPOL 4 Star includes paddles that meet both of those criteria.

The paddles in this set are designed with spin and control in mind.

They are built strong -- with 7 ply construction -- and are designed to be easily manipulated to get just the right angle on the ball.

The striking surface of these paddles is smooth, and it grips particularly well, both of which are things that contribute to the ability of the paddle to generate spin.

Overall, if you are looking to buy a set of paddles that will give you great control over the ball and allow you to get all the spin you want, then this set should be at the top of your list.


  • check
    Great spin and control
  • check
    7 ply design


  • close
    Only contains 2 paddles

6. KEVENZ 4-Star Pro Table Tennis Racket

This set of four paddles is great for both beginners and advanced table tennis players who want to purchase paddles specifically for spin.

The performance rating of these paddles for spin is 100, which means that they are capable of generating a lot of spin easily.

The striking surface of the paddles is designed specifically to give you maximum control, particularly over the amount of spin that you produce.

If you're looking for a new set of paddles, or if you are buying a set for the first time, you shouldn't overlook these.

The set contains 4 paddles, which means you will have enough high-quality paddles even if you want to play with 3 other people.

The paddles are well constructed and well designed, and overall these are great paddles at a solid price.


  • check
  • check
    Great for spin
  • check
    7 ply
  • check
    Italian composite wood


  • close
    Perhaps less professional than some other offerings at higher prices

7. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

If you are looking for a high quality, professional grade ping pong racket that is designed with spin in mind, then this is likely the paddle for you.

The Killerspin JET200 is not as inexpensive as some other paddles, and it only comes with one paddle in the kit -- nothing else -- but it is of a genuinely high, professional quality and it is sure to give you a long playing life of killer spin.

The paddle is 5 ply and the striking surface is made of jet rubber, which in combination with the construction of the paddle makes for a lot of control and a lot of spin.

The handle is flared, which allows for even greater control, and the overall performance of the paddle is quite balanced, even as it leans toward spin.


  • check
    Professional quality
  • check
    Great control
  • check
    Good construction


  • close
    Slightly expensive

8. Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle

This Sport Game Pro paddle is just what the name implies -- a professional paddle for serious players.

It is suited to use by beginners as well, but it is specifically engineered for professionals.

The paddle is built well, and it is designed for both speed and control, allowing you to get a lot of spin easily.

The price of the paddle is not low, and it only comes with 1 paddle, but it is an extremely high quality offering by Sport Pro.

The paddle is built from ply wood and quite high quality rubber.

The rubber, in conjunction with the wood and the design of the paddle, allows for a great amount of both power and control.

It is rated more for spin than for control or speed, but it is adept at producing all of those things.


  • check
    Professional quality
  • check
    Great spin
  • check
    Good construction


  • close
    Expensive, considering there is only one paddle included.

9. Duplex 6 Star Ping Pong Paddle Set

The Duplex 6 Star is one of the only sets you will find that both includes more than one paddle and has paddles that are of a truly high quality.

The set is well-priced, and included 2 paddles and 3 ping pong balls.

It is designed for both beginning and advanced players, and it is equally good as a replacement paddle for professional grade players as for a beginning kit for amateurs just starting off.

The rubber on these paddles is of a quite high grade and is designed with control, power, and spin in mind.

Sometimes you have to make concessions -- you can either, in general, find a good, reasonably priced, complete kit, or you can find a single, professional grade racket at a higher price.

But this kit proves that sometimes you can find it all.


  • check
    High quality construction
  • check
    Professional grade rubber
  • check
    Low price


  • close
    Perhaps not as professionally designed as some more expensive rackets.

10. Caleson Professional Table Tennis Racket

If you are looking for a professional racket, then you are probably looking at sets that include only one racket -- not entire kits that include 2 or more.

You are also likely looking to pay a little more by the paddle than you would in a beginner kit. But you don't necessarily need to pay much more.

This racket by Caleson is a single racket -- nothing else comes with it -- and it is of a quite high, professional quality, but it is not by any means exceptionally expensive.

The racket itself is a performance level product, designed with advanced players and professionals in mind.

It is made of high quality ply wood and is designed as an offensive tool -- with a heavy tip and light handle.

This, combined with its ability to generate power (as well as spin) and a lot of control, makes the paddle ideal for going on the offensive and scoring quickly.

If you are looking for a great paddle at a great price, and if you don't want to settle for a beginner kit, then this may be the paddle for you.


  • check
    Offensive design
  • check
    Good construction
  • check
    Great price
  • check
    Professional quality


  • close
    Not rated as highly for spin as some others.

Our Veredict

It is really up to you to determine which pair of paddles will better serve your needs. This article breaks down your selection into level of experience and main usage. 

Beginners should have an easier experience as most options will do the job just right. It can get tricky when looking for professional paddles as they specialize in different styles of play.

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