9 Best Dartboards and Important Features to Note

Darts is a classic game that you can find in bars, clubs, and pubs around the world. Although it looks like an easy game to play, it’s surprisingly a challenging and competitive sport.

It needs a tremendous level of skill, sharpness, and a stable hand. In this article, let’s check out 9 best dartboards sold in the market today.

Things to Check When Buying Dartboards

Aside from being good at playing darts, you also need a really good dart board to play with. Each dart board differs in nature and their ability to hold the dart.

A poor choice of dart board will result in a meager game. Here are the things you need to look at when buying a dart board.

1. Bristle

Bristle dart boards are best made with sisal fibers. Sisals are very strong materials with high-density fibers that can heal by themselves.

These materials make the board durable, and they help close up the board immediately when jolted by a dart.

Take note not to dampen a dart board that is made with sisal fibers. This will only make your board swell and dry, causing it to lose its quality.

2. Thickness and Depth

An essential point to remember when buying a dart board is its density or thickness and depth.

This will guarantee that the dart goes through and bounce out less from the board. A dart board with good density and depth results in a great play.

The visual density of a dart board assures a strong playing surface. Some dart boards do not offer this feature.

3. Wire

Dart board wires are essential to set apart the central section from the outer fringes. A proper wiring does not cause any bounce-outs.

Triangular-edged dart boards with thin wires are a good choice since they increase your probability of hitting the darts at the target.

Remember that the wire of the board should be 50% thinner. This will provide more visibility and less glare.

4. Bulls with Bladed Surfaces

Using bladed bulls reduces bounce-outs and increases the chances of scoring. The preciseness when playing improves when you buy a dart board with an outer bullseye.

It helps players have a clear direction to the inner bull.

5. Composite edging

Make sure to check for the composite edging before purchasing a dart board. A good composite edging is composed of recycled plastics, which allows ease and gives a modern look.

This will make the ring rotate well. A good composite edging also contributes to the longer lifespan of a dart board.

6. Ink

The ink also shows the quality of a dart board. Bristle dart board with sisal fibers usually uses food grade eco ink.

This provides an exceptional durability to your dart board. Furthermore, food grade eco ink is totally nature-friendly.

A good color will make your games easier since it will make the board appear brighter. This will help a lot in making good shots.

7. Hanging Option

Hanging a dart board directly on the wall is not entirely safe. Buy a dart board that has a wall bracket. With a wall bracket, there is no need to remove your dart board to rotate the ring.

8. Price

Price is something to note when looking for a good quality dart board. High-quality equates an expensive price.

However, when looking for a dart board, one must prioritize the quality. But when it comes to products with the same quality, one should go for a better price.

What Can You Get from Playing Darts? 

There might be other sports people can play, but dart is still one of the must-try of all the activities . Dart is a challenging game that will test your hand and eye coordination.

Aside from having fun, here are a few more reasons why you should try playing the dart game.

1. Relieves Stress

When you are bombarded with lots of work and demands, it is good to take your eyes off from the papers and start throwing those darts.

The dart game is a perfect distraction from the things that cause you to be stressed. Moreover, the game does not totally require a lot of people. You can play even when you are alone.

2. Develops Self-Control

Dart games are known to improve hand-eye coordination. When you throw darts, your senses are heightened and you will be more aware of your body position and coordination. You will learn to adjust and control your hands to hit the bullseye.

The dart game is also a good activity to develop self-discipline and patience.

3. Promotes Teamwork

Of course, dart games are better played with friends and family members. They help develop your social skills since you will be interacting with many people to produce a better play.  It also provides a healthy competition among friends.

4. Relaxes the Mind

Aside from being a stress reliever, you can also play darts during your break time as a form of relaxation.

It is a perfect activity for a light chat with friends or while enjoying a good tea and cake. It also gives benefits to your mental health.

5. Improves Strategic Thinking

Playing darts can help you think of a helpful strategy to hit the bullseye. Aside from the good coordination, it can help clear your mind and focus only on the throws.

Playing darts or any sports can definitely give physical, mental, and emotional benefits which an individual needs.

So if you are motivated to play the game, it is time to check the different types of dart boards that you can purchase.

Types of Dart Boards

There are various reasons why you should get your own dart board. But no matter what your intentions are, it is important to know which dart board is perfect for you.

Here are some of the well-known types of dart boards  and the features they have.

Electronic Dartboards

One of the most popular forms of darts is the electronic dart. It is good for its soft-tip darts provide convenience for players.

With soft-tip darts, parents no longer need to worry about their children’s safety. Some electronic dartboards also provide the tally of points for players. 

Electronic dartboards are also helpful for beginners.

This type of dart board also provides a modern experience since it is making use of technology. However, the biggest disadvantage of this type of board is the need for an electrical power source.

Bristle Dartboards

Bristle dart board is the most common type of dart board in the market. It is manufactured with a compressed sisal fiber attached to a backing board, connected with metal edges.

Since it is made with sisal fibers, the holes immediately close once the darts are removed from the board.

For a better quality, look for bristle dart boards with better density and sisal fibers.

Magnetic Dartboards

This type of dart board uses darts that have flat magnetic tips which stick to the rigid surface of the board. This is perfect for children and for beginners.

Magnetic dartboards are considered toys and are not suitable for serious playing.

Darts for this kind of dart boards are also soft and magnetic, making it safe for the children to play.

Cork Dartboards

Cork dartboards are not as common as the other types of dart boards, yet you can still find some of them in the market. 

They are also considered as the cheapest types of dart board and are not suitable for serious play.

Corks are not durable enough for long-term use, so one would end up replacing them more often.

Coiled Paper Dartboards

This is another type of dartboard that is a lot cheaper than bristle dart boards. Coiled paper dart boards easily get damaged, but they are perfect for fun and games, especially for children.

When using this type of board, the paper heals once the dart is removed from the surface.

However, in most cases, small burr on the dart point can inflict the surface. Also, you have to make sure to twist the dart when you remove it to keep its sharpness and to avoid destroying the surface.

Wooden Dartboards

If you want a classic dart board, then a wooden dart board is perfect for you. It gives you the traditional feels, and it is usually made of elm or poplar.

Wooden dart boards, however, are likely to dry out and break. It is important to keep them damp overnight to ensure a good condition.

Once you have already taken note of the important things about dart boards, you are ready to know the best dart boards in the market.

9 Best Dartboards Plus Features

Playing darts does not only need the skill to hit the bulls-eye. Either for personal or professional use, a good dart board makes the play fun and fair.

1. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard 

The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is perfect for players of any level. This is good for those who just want to enjoy dart games and those who want to become a professional dart player. 

Its wire is 14% thinner than the previous version. It has no staple resulting in more chances of hitting the scoring area.

The wires are also angled, which means less chance for bounce outs. Since the wiring has more strength, it helps deflect the darts to the surface better.

It comes in a triple-wheel lock system, making it easier to mount and set up on the walls with an angle.

When hanged on a solid surface, the board creates a little movement.

The fibers comprising the board are also strong. They restore well once the darts are removed. Hence, you need not worry about damaging the surface quickly.


  • Increases chances of scoring
  • Quality of the bristle board is high
  • Enhances dart deflecgtion
  • check
    Made of strong sisal fibers
  • check
    Strong wiring for lesser bounce outs
  • check
    Carbon diffusion technology, making it more resilient
  • check
    Recommended by the British Darts Organization


  • Doesn't have a hanging hardware

Our Rating

2. Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart Boards 

This is a perfect board to add to your collection. Using the Doinkit Dart Magnetic Board does not give you the worry of causing damage to the wall or even risking the security of the children around.

That’s because it has magnets inside, making it safe and perfect for safe games.

This product has a 16-inch dart board with a set of six magnetic darts that come in three colors. It has a hook so that it will be easy to hang it anywhere you like.

It also comes with fake cracks that mimic the feel of the run-of-the-mill board. The darts are also light, resulting in an easy throw.

However, this type of board is only great for kids and not for professional players due to its easy features. It is also ideal for those who play darts for the first time.


  • Comes in a professional and classy appearance
  • Helps improve gaming accuracy.
  • Made of a magnetic board and magnetic dart
  • check
    Boosts sportsmanship
  • check
    The darts are expandable and are easy to store
  • check
    List Element
  • check
    List Element
  • check
    List Element


  • Quality of darts can be improved
  • Not suitable for serious dart players

Our Rating

3.  Winmau Blade 4 Bristle

Increase your level of play with the Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dart Board. One of its best features is its wiring that is 50% thinner than its previous version.

This feature reduces the bounce-outs during the play. It is made from strong steel that maintains flexibility and durability.

The wires are triangular in shape, making the darts deflect straight to the surface. It is also made of Kenyan Sisal and is very solid and durable.

It is so durable that the surface can heal by itself after being drilled by the dart.

You can also notice that the staples holding the wiring down are missing. This means more board area to score and fewer bounce outs. This type of feature is not common to all dart boards.

When playing, you can use steel tip darts for an ultimate gaming experience. This type of dart is a good combination for boards that heal quickly.


  • Resilient and long-lasting
  • Expands scoring probability
  • Made with the best Kenyan Sisal fiber
  • check
    It has thin metal that does not impede the play
  • check
    Heals quickly
  • check
    Deflects darts well


  • It is heavy to hang on the wall.

Our Rating

4Action Dart Soft Tip Darts

If you are looking for boards that are just for relaxation and friendly plays, then this Action Dart Soft Tip Darts and Dart Board Set should be on your list.

This cool dart board is ideal for people of all ages. It has a unified metal bracket and hole so that you can hang it on the wall with a nail.

The darts have soft tips, so they cannot inflict damage to the skin or even to your ornaments. It is, therefore, safe for children to play with.

With this, children can practice and enjoy the play without hurting anyone.

The darts also come with a metal support bracket. If you wish to hang them on a hook or a nail, then you can do so since it has a hole at the top.

The board also has raised bumps and tiny holes so that the darts can drill easily. This will make the game and scoring easy.

The best thing about this board is that it is a great gift idea for kids. Since it is safe, children can have fun with it.

Employees who are looking for entertainment can also have this dart board in the office. This is the best board for fun and relaxation.


  • Offers an easy play for everyone
  • Easy to read and use especially for children
  • The darts have soft, thick tips for security
  • check
    Easy to mount
  • check
    Perfect for gift ideas
  • check
    Improves hand and eye coordination


  • High risks of bounce outs
  • May hold the darts weakly if thrown lightly

Our Rating

5. Soft Darts Board Dartslive-200S 

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and modern dart board? If you are, Soft Darts Boards is for you.

This product comes with a dart board and two seats of soft dip darts. The board is composed of thousands of holes, making the scoring easy since the darts can go through the hole, and it will register your shot afterwards.

If other boards make it difficult to score, then this board will make you download an app that will do the scoring for you.

The board offers a range of stats to study and understand your gameplay. Since it uses technology, it is connected to Bluetooth.

This dart board needs electricity, but it can be powered through a computer, television, or the mains.

Furthermore, you can play darts even at night since the board is silent. You can enjoy the game without disturbing sleeping people.


  • Has an app for scoring
  • The darts are drilled perfectly on the board
  • There is no noise when playing
  • check
    It has spare tips for the darts
  • check
    Apps are user-friendly
  • check
    Comes with USB connectivity


  • Cannot connect via internet

Our Rating

6. Viper by GLD Products Viper Shot King Bristle

If you aim to buy a dart board that easily restores itself, then this is the ideal board for you. It is made of self-restoring sisal bristle fibers that are packed closely for durability.

The bullseye does not have any staples, which reduces bounce outs. It also provides a safe play because of its cross-platform and soft tip darts.

The dart board measures 18 inches and is endorsed for tournaments. It comes with 2 sets of steel tip darts.

The wires are also thin, allowing darts to slide off the spider and land in the specific area. This will allow you to play like a professional.


  • Encompasses self-healing ability
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Has a staple-free bullseye
  • check
    Has movable number rings for long-lasting quality
  • check
    Comes in good and vibrant colors
  • check
    Perfect for official tournaments


  • Quality of the darts needs more improvement

Our Rating

7. DMI Sports Bandit Staple-Free Bristle

This dart board is used in the Official World Cup Dart Board since 1999. So if you want to feel professional when playing darts, DMI Sports Bandit Staple-Free Bristle Dart Board can provide the experience for you.

It has extremely thin wiring with no staples that will decrease the chances of bounce outs.

It also ensures stability throughout the whole board, so it is safe to hang it on solid walls.

The bristle dart board has solid sisal fibers that heal pretty well, so using steel darts is not a problem for this board.

The board also has powder coated number ring for visible and brighter effect. The number rings are also movable in order to give a long lifespan to the board.

Another great feature it has is its easy installation. You can mount it on the wall without the hassle.


  • Recommended by the darts governing body
  • Uses the best sisal fiber
  • Has brighter number due to the powder coated rings
  • check
    Makes use of thin wires for fewer bounce outs
  • check
    Easy to install
  • check
    Comes in a solid board


  • Colors not so vibrant

Our Rating

8.  Unicorn D1179403 Eclipse Pro

Taking the game to the next level is not a problem when using this board. Its features are so popular with dart players around the globe.

The bristle board is made with the finest fibers recommended for championship use.

It also has an advanced wiring design and is staple-free to reduce the risk of bounce outs. It also has a free checkout chart once you purchase it from the market.

Moreover, this Eclipse Pro Dart Board is always featured in the tournament every year.

Professionals players and organizations around the world admit that this board is perfect for a great gameplay.


  • Has a professional-quality bristle board
  • Made of high-technology wiring design
  • Holds darts well
  • check
  • check
    It has less deflection for darts


  • Darts stick at first, but this does not affect the overall performance of the board

Our Rating

9. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

This electronic dart board offers 40 different games and 179 variations. It has a huge scoreboard that records the scores in all the games.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro dart board is made to be very durable because of its Nylon Tough segment. The segment dividers are also thin to help increase the scores.

One of its best features is its soft tip darts. It comes with six darts with spare tips if you damage any.

Since it is an electronic board, it has many great game features. One is the bounce out amends feature for an easy play with friends.

It also has a solo play feature that is good for practicing at home or in the office.

There is the hilarious heckler feature that provides three various levels.

In this feature, the board will harass a bad shot and clapped to a great shot. It can also be more difficult and provide a maximum dart game experience.

Being electronic, the board gives some statistics to check the level and improvement of the games.


  • Easy to play with family and friends
  • Good form of entertainment
  • Heckler feature adds excitement
  • check
    Offers replacement tips
  • check
    Analyzes the score to keep track of improvement
  • check
    Has thin segment dividers


  • Difficult to install due to its unusual shape

Our Rating

Wrap up

Dart boards can really provide the best dart games for the whole group.

Choosing the perfect dart board is something to be done and considered on a personal basis.

Either for personal or professional purpose, a great dart board can help develop a player’s hand and eye coordination.

Whether classic or electronic boards, the experiences could vary based on the level of play.

You have only checked 9 best dartboards, and there are more promising dart boards in the market. Choose the board that is suitable for your budget and preference. Whatever it is, it will still provide a good experience for you and your friends.

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