19 Best Air Hockey Table For Home Review

Air Hockey Table For Home

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Air Hockey Table For Home

Air hockey is a popular table game no matter what part of the world you’re in. The famous 2 player game is renowned for its fun and intense gameplay. Originally a popular choice for arcades, air hockey has now spread its popularity further and has made itself a great choice for a table game to play at home. If you are looking for a good air hockey table to add to your homes game room than you’re in luck because there are hundreds of great tables to choose from.

What are the Best Air Hockey Table For Home?

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey Table
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey Table
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey Table
Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey Table
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks -...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...
Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22...

Here’s some things to keep in mind on your search for a new air hockey table for your home.

  • Air hockey tables face forceful contact all the time, which is why your table should be made of strong woods. Otherwise it’ll break all too soon.
  • Tables for homes should be easy to assemble and easy to take care of. Not requiring you to work too much into making sure your table is fine.
  • Your table should be safe to have around people, not being too sharp or being made of any toxic materials.

Best Air Hockey Table For Home: Our Top 19 Picks

Here are some of the best air hockey table for home:

1. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

Made for children, mainly under the age of 10, this air hockey table features a 40 inch size which is great for children, however it is also usable by adults, although the small size might not be comfortable for people that play air hockey with bigger tables on a regular basis.

Its table top design allows it to be portable, weighing less than 18 pounds. The required accessories are included alongside, while there are also slide scorers on top of the goals of both players.

The motor isn’t the strongest, however given the size of the model, it is enough. It won’t make the puck float around all the time, however it will be enough for a smooth game of air hockey.

It is also CE certified and UL approved, meaning that you don’t have to worry too much about the motor. It has been constructed with solid medium density fiberboards.

2. Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

This air hockey table is a 40 inch table top. Featuring a small and compact design that is light while being stylish enough, it weighs 14 pounds, making it light enough to easily carry and place anywhere.

Its surface is provided with air by a powerful 12V AC motor which has been built in and runs on batteries. The batteries aren’t included along with the product due to safety reasons.

The design is durable too, on top of being light. The medium density fiberboard used to make it is strong enough to last long so that you can enjoy playing air hockey without having to worry about anything happening to your table.

The non-marking pads on its four corners are there to prevent any cuts that may occurs when a person comes into contact with the sharp edges. These pads also help with keeping it balanced when placed.

3. Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play!

A smaller table, around 22 inches, this is a table top table made for children. The 22 inch size makes it unusable for any adult as the surface and the accessories would just be too small to work with.

The model is very light, being less than 5 pounds in weight. However given the small size of the table, it is durable enough. Children, especially those around the ages of 4-6 can be a little reckless, which ultimately results in some damage being them to items around them.

Since this table is mainly made for an audience around those exact ages, it has been made durable enough to withstand any damage dealt to it for a long enough time.

The manufacturers provide buyers with a satisfaction guarantee as well, meaning that you will have no trouble returning it if there is a problem.

4. Best Choice Products 40-Inch Air Hockey Table

Made by Best Choice products, this 40 inch table is made for people of all ages, while only being really comfortable for children under the age of 12.

The size is good enough for anyone to play casually on it though. The table is made with MDF materials, however some parts have been just reinforced with plastic, so it isn’t the most durable of all tables.

The 100v electric fan inside of it makes it quite durable, ensuring that players get to enjoy smooth gameplay whenever they play.

The 8 and a half inch height of this model makes it a table top more than a stand up, meaning that you can place it on almost any even surface with ease and enjoy a quick and fun game of air hockey.

The 16 pounds that it weighs are not much to carry around and handle, making it both quite portable and easy to store.

5. Best Choice Products 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

A table with a fair size that can satisfy the casual needs of players of most ages, this 54 inch table is good enough to provide almost anyone with a fun air hockey experience, provided that they aren’t too familiar with larger tables.

The good quality composite wood used to make it is a good enough material to keep it working for a good amount of time. The PVC materials used for the surface make it smooth and comfortable to play on, while the 12v DC motor is also good enough to make the puck glide around the table, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy gameplay.

The model isn’t the lightest, weighing a couple of pounds less than 50. There is also a LED scorer which displays the score of the current match. There are manual scorers on both sides as well, in case the batteries for the electric scorer run out.

6. Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

A well designed 35 inch table, it is great for most children while also being enough for some teens to play on it as well.

Adults and older may struggle to play on it though, since it is a bit small for them to work with it. It is well designed, both in appearance and functionality. The color scheme which features a variety of different colors is stylish and effective.

Being a table top table, it is quite light, allowing for an ease of portability and making things easier if you or your children want to take it to some place for a party or other event.

There slide scorers and puck recover boxes on both sidesso the game doesn’t have to stop for long. Unlike a variety of other table tops, it cannot be played with on the go, since the motor inside it doesn’t run on batteries.

7. Tobar Air 23056 Hockey Table for Children

A table too small for adults, this one is mainly made for children. The table has a size of 27.6 inches in length, and while that makes it good for children under the age of 8, it also makes it unusable for most people above that age.

That is fine from the manufacturers point of view though, as it is mainly for children above all else.

The design is good enough, featuring a multitude of colors on the sides, mainly from the color scheme of a rainbow. The surface is simple and like that of most air hockey tables when it comes to design. It is powered by a small motor that provides it with consistent air flow, enough to keep the game going.

There are slide scorers on both sides for the convenience of players. Unlike most tables of this size, this one is a standup table rather than a tabletop table.

8. Blue Line 32-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey for Kids

As you can probably see in the name given to the product, it is made for children. This is simply due to the size of the playing surface, which is a bit small for adults to enjoy playing on.

Made to be portable, this table top table is perfect for children under the age of 9, while not being recommended for anyone under the age of 3 either.

The 10 pound weight makes it easily portable, allowing you to take it anywhere, while also allowing you to store it easily.

The carry bag that arrives with the product is also made for the purpose of easy portability as you can just store it in the bag whenever you need to take it somewhere. The bag is quite durable, as is the table.

In case something goes wrong, the manufacturers offer a 180-day warranty which you can use to get a refund.

9. Goplus 48″ Air Powered Hockey Table Indoor Sports Game

When it comes to the full name given to this product, it has been stated that it is for kids, however that doesn’t mean that adults and teens can’t enjoy this one.

The 48 inch size is large enough for a casual game of air hockey every once in a while, but if you intend to play on larger tables later on, playing on a daily basis with this table wouldn’t be recommended as you could get used to the small size of the surface.

Speaking of the surface, it is provided with a good amount of air flow because of the 12v DC motor below it.

The surface is also coated with materials that make it smoother. It is made with durable materials, and so are its legs, which provide it with support to make sure that it stay even. There are also manual scorers and an electric one.

10. Carmelli Enforcer 5.5-ft Air Hockey Table

A table great for casual play, the Carmelli Enforcer is 66 inches long, making it great for most children and teenagers, while also being a good choice for adults that live in a house or apartment with less room.

The strong medium density fiberboards used for its crafting are CARB certified and have been coated with melamine, a material rich in nitrogen which also lasts for a very long time and is fire resistant.

This ensures that the product lasts for a long and fun filled time. Around 64 pounds in weight, it isn’t anything easy to carry around, however it can be transported with the help of a vehicle.

The surface is slick and covered with gloss, making it extra smooth, whereas the 110V motor also supplies the surface with airflow and is UL approved. There is an electronic scorer in the middle of the table and two manual scorers on top of both goals.

11. EDED Electric Air Powered Hockey, Indoor Sports Gaming Set

A much smaller table than many others that you may have seen so far, this small but efficient table is a miniature 16 inches in size.

As you can obviously guess, this is not in any way a size close to being comfortable for adults to work with. This isn’t much of a problem though, since you can probably guess from the design of the product that it is for children.

Children under the age of 6 will be able to enjoy this table without a problem due to its size and due to the small air motor that will give them a fast and fun air hockey experience.

It is mainly made with plastic materials, making it less durable than the larger tables which is to be expected. The table requires little to no assembly and has a satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return it if there is a problem.

12. YADSHENG Portable Fast Paced Action Game Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Another small model, this one is just a little bigger than 20 inches in length. Albeit this makes it unusable for adults and teens, it does make it a great choice for the youngest of children.

It is very simply designed, having a design similar to that of an ice hockey field, whereas the sides have a nice and plain wooden finish that makes it look somewhat stylish. There are slide scorers on both sides that let children keep track of the current score with ease.

The goal boxes also have a puck recovery system so that kids won’t have to fish the puck back out every single time. It is made with hardwood, which makes it durable than most other tables of this size and keeping it safe from the destructive behavior of most children for a long enough time.

It only weighs a comfortable 7.72 pounds making it very easy and comfortable to carry around and store when needed. If you have any problems regarding the product, the manufacturers will provide you with support.

13. EDED 41in Air Hockey Table

41 inches in its total size, this table has a playing field of around 40 inches.

This makes it comfortable enough for adults and teens to play with their younger family members, while the younger family members themselves will be able to comfortably play on it themselves.

It has an aesthetic appeal to it, making it great for most hockey based rooms due to its simple surface design which mimics ice hockey fields while the sides are also styled in a manner which makes them seem hockey related.

The pedestal bade which supports the model is quite sturdy, making sure that you and your opponent can enjoy a game without any intrusions from the table wobbling. The UL blower also functions well, supplying the surface with more than enough air to keep players entertained with smooth gameplay.

There is a satisfaction guarantee with the product as well, which means that you can address the manufacturers in case there is a problem and also return the product with ease to get a refund or exchange if you want to.

14. EDED LED Light-Up 31 inch Air Hockey Table

Another table manufactured by EDED, this one is a bit different as compared to most others due to one small detail.

This detail is the fact that the main accessories required to play, which come with this product, are equipped with LED technology that allow the pucks and strikers to light up, allowing the table to possess and illuminating design

. Overall the design of the table is simple yet attractive, being white from both the surface as well as the sides while having a bit of black and red. The small legs make it a table top as compared to a stand up table, which allow it to be quite portable since the absence of long legs eliminates much of the weight.

The 31 inch size is suited to children, mainly around the ages 4-8, while not being enough for most adults and teens to play with. As is with most of their other products, EDED provide a satisfaction guarantee for this model too, so that you can buy it with a free mind.

15. ARABYAN BROTHERS Air Hockey Table Fun Table- Top Game

Possessing a 39 inch playing surface, this table is most suited to people below the age of 11, while being enough for older players to enjoy as well.

This model is rather simple in appearance, having a simple but neat ice hockey field gimmick on top while having a pleasing wood like appearance on the sides that make it look attractive.

The motor embedded beneath of the surface is strong enough to power the surface above with a consistent amount of air flow, making the puck float around smoothly and ensuring that every match that any players play using it is a fun and action packed experience.

Unlike most air hockey sets which include only 2 pucks, this one comes with a couple extra so that you can keep on playing for a long time even after you break one or two pucks. The amount of strikers is still two though. There are manual scorers and puck recovery boxes on both sides for the convenience of players too.

16. ZENY 40-in Tabletop Air Hockey Table for Kids & Adults

Another 40 inch long table, it is suited to most children while being comfortable enough for fully grown people to work with too. This means that it is playable by both kids and adults, as mentioned in its name.

Equipped with a 12V motor it is bound to get a good amount of air through to its surface. The motor is definitely not as strong as the motors in the tables, however it is a good fit for the model, given its smaller size.

The motor and the PVC materials on the surface will both work together to ensure that you get smooth and interesting gameplay for a year or couple.

The product is made to be convenient, having all the required accessories to play the game, while also having built in scorers to keep track of the current score too. There are also puck recovery systems on both sides that store the puck for you to comfortably take it out once a point has been scored.

17. Anfan Air Hockey Table Air Electric Powered Table Air Hockey for Kids and Adults

An air hockey table that doesn’t have anything too different about it, this 40 inch table top table is a good choice for anyone looking for a simple table to enjoy playing with on family game nights or parties.

The surface of the table is coated with special materials which make it smooth and cause the puck to glide around freely and without facing much friction.

The motor is strong too, making the puck float around continuously and offering players a good experience. The base and the surface are both made with durable fiber wood materials that give it a long lifespan, meaning that it won’t break or get damaged anytime soon.

All required accessories can be found alongside the product, meaning you won’t have to buy those separately. The goal boxes are also equipped with slide scorers and puck recovery systems so that you can play on comfortable without having to worry about too many other things.

18. Enjoy Fun Family Friend Perfect Easily Play Indoor Game Sports

A table with a fairly good size, the 54 inch surface of this table makes it a good fit in most homes since people of most ages above 6 enjoy it comfortably.

Children below that age could also enjoy it if they’re tall enough to work with the table. Featuring a 12V DC motor that keeps the puck rolling through the surface, it is sure to keep players entertained for a long enough time.

The special coatings of polyvinyl chloride on the surface make it much smoother than some others, this allows the puck to glide through even faster after the air flow from the motor. Being a stand up table, it is a little heavier than some other tables, ultimately making it a little less portable, however there aren’t much problems when it comes to storing it away.

The exact weight is around 31 pounds, which isn’t that heavy, allowing it to still be easily transportable by storing it in a spacy enough vehicle when needed to be moved.

19. Baianju Table Hockey Table Air Hockey on the Table

Manufactured by Baianju, this table has a playing surface of around 20 inches, and is made for children. As it is made for children, the manufacturers have taken appropriate precautions.

For example, the table has been manufactured with medium density fiberboards that are firm and durable, so that they won’t break by any damage caused by children, while also being non-toxic so that any infants near the product cannot hurt themselves either.

There are hundreds of holes scattered in a pattern across the surface so that the motor can provide the surface with air through them.

Although a small table, its motor is powerful, meaning that the playing experience will be fast rather than smooth, something that a lot of people prefer, and something that kids will find fun too.

It weighs around 7 and a half kilograms, which means that it is quite easy to carry because of its light weight. One thing weird about it is the fact that it is a stand up table even though its length is so small.

Choosing the Best Air Hockey Table For Home

There are many, many tables to choose from when it comes to buying an air hockey table, whether it be for your home or for your arcade. There are multiple different sizes, although you might note that most of the tables above are fairly small.

This is because of the fact that most rooms, offices or apartments don’t have much space in them, so these tables are compactly designed options that work just about good enough to provide their players with a fun experience.

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